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BNP Paribas Bank enters Kosovo

Prishtina, 9 October 2007 – Central Banking Authority of Kosovo has preliminary licensed a Fre

Kosovo to prepare for negotiations to join WTO

Prishtina, 8 October 2007 - The World Trade Organization (WTO) has recommended that Kosovo Gov

Kosovo: 200 million EUR investments by Telecom Slovenia

Prishtina, 5 October 2007 - According to the daily newspaper "Koha Ditore", officials of the w

Kosovo: 2008 – the year of economy

Prishtina, 2 October 2007 - Kosovar Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI), Bujar Dugolli has to

Kosovo Government to finance the new highway

Prishtina, 1 October 2007 - According to the Kosovar daily "Koha Ditore", the Kosovo Governm

Big companies interested in Kosovo ski resort

Prishtina, 27 September 2007 - After the approval of the UN Legal Office in New York, the Koso

Kosovo: € 11,5 millions investment for “Xella”

Lypjan, 26 September 2007 - The brick factory in Lypjan “Xella” has started with the product

Kosovo: Airport concession following the status

Prishtina, 20 September 2007 - The Pristina International Airport will not be given in concess

Privatization of ski resort in Kosovo: information event

Vienna, 20 September 2007 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA), responsible for the privatization p

IPAK/ECIKS publishes new brochure in English

Vienna, 20 September 2007 - The Economic Initiative for Kosova (ECIKS), representing the Inv

Kosovo Minister visits sheet metal factory

Vushtrri, 18 September 2007 - During a series of visits of Board members of Kosovo trust Agenc

Kosovo's skiing resort attracts Italian investors

Brezovica, Kosovo, 15 September 2007 - The Italian company LegaCoop FVG expressed the interest

Italian companies interested in Kosovo's hydropower

Prishtina, September 14, 2007 – According to Kosovar Television KohaVision Italian companies a

Kosovo's Nickel Plant starts production

Drenas, 12 September 2007 - According to representatives of the British Alferon, a company t

Kosovo: optimism back in the wine industry

Prishtina, 10 September 2007 - Since the privatisation of the vine cellar in Rahovec, by the A

Bearing Point to help financial institutions in Kosovo

Prishtina, 7 September 2007 - The corporation for technological and managerial consultations B

Kosovo Skiing Center to be privatized

Prishtina, 6 September 2007 - Kosovar media reports that UN Headquartes in New York has finall

Kosovo Promoting Investments in Alpbach

Alpbach, 30 August 2007 - The Economic Initiative for Kosova (ECIKS), an organization repres

Kosovos ISP to sell 55% of shares

Prishtina, 27 August 2007 - An American company is currently discussing the purchase of 55% of

Kosovo: 27th round of privatization

Prishtina, 23 August 2007 - Yesterday, the Kosovo Trust Agency - KTA, responsible for the priv

Kosovo Telecom receives international award

Prishtina, 22 August 2007 - Post Telecommunication of Kosovo (PTK) says it has received an i

Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo continues to grow

Prishtina, 21 August 2007 - Representatives of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo held a press briefing

Kosovo promoting investments in Forum Alpbach

Vienna, 17 August 2007 - IPAK Branch Office in Vienna, managed by the Economic Initiative for

ECIKS launches IPAK-Vienna Website

Vienna, 17 August 2007 - Within its activities in implementing the project for investment prom

Kosovo Railways sign contract with Ferronikeli

Prishtina, 17 August 2007 - Kosovo Railways have issued a press release informing that the tra

Kosovo Prime Minister meets pensioners

Prishtina, 15 August 2007 - Prime Minister Ceku assured the pensioners that the government wil

Kosovo: privatization of skiing resort

Prishtina, 13 August 2007 - The Kosovar newspaper "Kosova Sot" carried an interview with Paul

Kosovo laboratory to examin quality of fuel

Prishtina, 13 August 2007 - The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) has authorized the labora

Kosovo Minister: a new wind in KEK

Prishtina, 08 August 2006 - Kosovar media have published a letter to the public of Kosovo Mini

Kosovo: nomination of board members of POEs delayed

Prishtina, 7 August 2007 - The Kosovar Government has not yet proposed new names for the board

Tender on “Kosovo C” by the end of the year

Prishtinė, August 3, 2007 - The Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) has started the second p

Kosovo Assembly against sale of Trepca

Prishtinė, August 2, 2007 - The Kosovo Assembly Committee for Economy, Trade, Energy, Transpor

Kosovo: Irregularities in the mobile telephony tender

Prishtinė, August 2, 2007 - The Kosovar political party ORA invited the Prime Minister of Ko

Kosovo: Why is KTA saving Trepca and Brezovica?

Prishtinė, August 1, 2007 - The Kosovar daily Lajm carried an article on enterprises in mino

Kosovo: PTK offers Internet services via telephone

Prishtinė, August 1, 2007 - The Post and Telecom of Kosovo (PTK) on Friday has started to offe

CEFTA ‘suffocates’ Kosovo

Prishtinė, August 1, 2007 – The Kosovar daily Koha Ditore reports that Kosovo businessmen do n

Kosovo parliamentary elections in November

Vienna, 31 August 2007 - Kosovo's leaders and UNMIK head Joachim Ruecker agreed Thursday (July

Kosovo: Lack of status main obstacle for development

Prishtinė, 25 July 2007 (ECIKS) - The Minister of Economy and Finance of Kosovo, Mr. Haki Shat

Kosovo Prime Minister meets with Kosovo Businessmen

Prishtinė, 25 July 2007 (ECIKS) – The Prime Minister’s Office will soon meet with the Office f

The second phase of the project Kosova C begins

Contracts signed with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Hunton & Williams (H&W) and Environmen

Kosovo has a sustainable banking system

Prishtinė, 18 July 2007 - The Central Banking Authority of Kosovo (CBAK), held a press confere

Macedonia violates Free Trade Agreement with Kosovo

Prishtinė, 17 July 2007 - Under the pretext of “suspicions surrounding the origin of raw mater

Kosovo: KTA officially announces the 28’th privatization wave

Prishtinė, 17 July 2007 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) has announced the 28th wave of privat

Kosovo Customs collects €235 million for six months

Prishtina, 13 July 2007 - UNMIK Customs Service has collected €235 million in six months, goin

Kosovo privatisation process: giants turn

Prishtina, 12 July 2007 - Over 350 enterprises in Kosovo were privatized until now. Some big "

Kosovo allocates € 20.5 million for a new coal mine

Prishtina, 11 July 2007 - The Government of Kosovo has allocated 20.5 million Euros for openi

European Commision praises Kosovo's business legislation

Prishtina, 10 July 2007 - The European Commission has issued a report on the European Charter

Kosovo Government to review fiscal polices

Prishtina, 5 July 2007 - The Kosovo Government has decided to establish a working group on rev

Kosovo Minister proposes change of fiscal policies

Prishtina, 4 July 2007 - The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) endorses the demands of the

Kosovo: a section of the road M2 inaugurated

Prishtina, 3 July 2007 - A section of Pristina-Ferizaj highway from Prishtina to Caglavica was

Kosovo: new customs points with Albania

Prishtina, 3 July 2007 - Two customs points are opened for the export of the chrome from the n

Kosovo: regional conference on SMEs

Prishtina, 1 July 2007 - At the regional conference on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), or

Kosovo: International conference on mining

Prishtina, 28 June 2007 - Over 30 international companies have attended the International Conf

Kosovo: Conference on European integration

Prishtinė, 27 June 2007 - The Institute for Development and Research of Policies in Kosovo (KI

ECIKS organizes a visit of Kosovo Transport Minister to Austria

Vienna, 26 June 2006 – The IPAK/ECIKS Office in Vienna has organized a visit of officials fr

Austrian Investors Day in Kosovo

Prishtina, 13 June 2007 – Within the fact finding mission of the Austrian Chamber of Commerc

Kosovo: privatization brings additional 35.8 million euros

Prishtina, 21 June 2007 - The Kosovo Trust Agency, an agency managing the privatization proces

Austrian companies interested for Kosovo

Prishtina, 15 June 2007 - According to Kosovar Office for Investment Promotion in Vienna, impl

Kosovo to change fiscal policies

Prishtina, 12 June 2007 - Officials in the Ministry of Economy and Finances (MEF) stressed tha

Austrian Investors Day in Kosovo

Vienna - Prishtina, 6 June 2007 - Within the fact-finding mission of Austrian Chamber of Comme

Kosovo: two fairs opening in Prishtina

Prishtina, 6 June 2007 - The international fair “Prishtina 2007” was opened yesterday at the I

Kosovo: energy prices increase only for large consumers

Prishtina, 4 May 2007 - The Kosovar Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) has approved on 31 May th

Kosovo: 7 arrested in economic-crime investigation

Prishtinė, 1 June 2007 - As reported by Associated Press, police in Kosovo arrested eight peop

Kosovars support the construction of new power plant

Prishtina, 29 May 2007 - The Group for Legal and Political Studies conducted a survey with ove

Two Kosovo banks to merge

Prishtina, 25 May 2007 - Nova Lubljanska Banka (NLB) of Slovenia, after buying 51.14 % of sh

Kosovo: EUR 9 million from 24th privatization round

Prishtina, 24 May 2007 - The 24th wave of privatization process in Kosovo ended on Wednesday,

Kosovo Pension Fund gains 241 million EUR

Prishtina, 23 May 2007 - The Kosovo Pension and Savings Trust (KPST) is an independent financi

Kosovo Transportation Minister visiting Brussels

Prishtina, 22 May 2007 - Minister of Transport and Post Telecommunication Qemajl Ahmeti travel

Kosovo: Slovenians acquire another bank

Prishtina, 21 May 2007 - Head of "Banka e Re e Kosoves" (BRK), Albert Lumezi confirmed that so

Kosovo Tourist Association established

Prishtina, 21 May 2007 - Representatives of different tourist organizations have established a

Kosovo Agribusiness fair opens

Gjakovė, 18 May 2007 - The Kosovar agribusiness fair opened yesterday in Gjakova. This fair wi

Kosovo: 26th wave of privatization announced

Prishtinė, 16 May 2007 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) announced today the 26th wave of privat

Kosovo to activate another border point with Macedonia

Prishtinė, 15 May 2007 – In a meeting between the general Director of Macedonian Customs Admin

Kosovo: acquisition of local banks continues

Prishtina, 14 May 2007 - Officials of the Central Banking Authority of Kosovo (CBAK) stressed

Kosovo wood processing fair opens

Prishtina, 10 May 2007 - The wood processing fair “Natyra 2007” opened yesterday at the fair h

Kosovo: expropriating the land for the highway

Prishtina, 9 May 2007 - The Ministry of Transport and Post Telecommunication (MTPT) has calcul

Kosovo: Slovenians to manage "Kasabank"

Prishtina, 09 May 2007 - The new owner of the Kosovar “Kasabank”, “Nova Lubljanska Banka” of S

Kosovo: regular direct flights Prishtina - New York

Prishtina, 7 May 2007 - An agreement considered to be of special importance for Kosovo was s

Austrian Investors Day in Kosovo

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce is organizing a fact finding mission in Kosovo from 10 to

Kosovo: Implementing the CEFTA agreement

Prishtina, 2 April 2007 - The Free Trade Agreement for Central and Southeastern Europe should

Kosovo Government plans to change tax system

Prishtina, 30 April 2007 - The Kosovo Government intends to change the tax system since the ex

Kosovo: Summit for Businesses and Investment

Prishtina, 26 April 2007 - A Summit for Business and Investment Promotion open yesterday in Pr

Fuel tanks enter Kosovo

Han i Elezit, 26 April 2007 - The fuel tanks that had been blocked for over a week at the bord

Kosovo's foreign debts

Prishtina, 25 April 2007 - In an interview of the kosovar daily newspaper Koha Ditore, Mr.Muha

Kosovo Ministry determined to send back OCTA fuel tanks

Prishtina, 24 April 2007 - 70 fuel tanks are still blocked at the Custom checkpoint at the bor

Kosovo: fuel price to increase for 20%

Prishtina, 23 Aprikl 2007 - The application of new administrative guidance of the Ministry of

Market liberalization and Kosovo producers

Prishtina, 22 April 2007 - The implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between the countrie

Kosovo Government and KEK agree on energy tariffs

Prishtina, 22 April 2007 - Kosovar media reported that on friday, the Kosovo Government and KE

Kosovo: government bans imports of low quality fuel

Prishtina, 22 April 2007 - Kosovar media reported on the first effects of the administrative o

Kosovo: World Bank gives green light for power plant

Prishtina, 20 April 2007 - The Ministry of Energy and Mining announced that the World Bank gav

Kosovo: fire ruins 553 hectares of forest

Prishtina, 20 April 2007 - The Kosovo Forest Agency (KFA) publishes alarming data on Kosovo fo

Kosovo: KTA announces the 25th wave of privatisation

Prishtina, 18 April 2007– The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) yesterday formally launched the 25th w

Kosovo: ex-employees of Ferronikeli end their protest

Drenas, 18 April 2007 - The Council for Organizing Protests of former Ferronikeli employees ha

Kosovo: to early to privatize public companies

Prishtinė, 16 April 2007 - Economy experts believe that statements of some Kosovar Government

Kosovo: privatization to be concluded within the year

Proshtinė, 16 April 2007 - According to the KTA Deputy Director, Ahmet Shala, some 300 purchas

Kosovo: World Bank to take over the energy project

Prishtina, 13 April 2007 - According to high-level international sources the project to build

SEE countries to cooperate in fighting corruption

Zagreb, 13 April 2007 - A major step towards improving efficacy and regional ownership of anti

Kosovo: plan for airport concession completed

Prishtina, 11 April 2007 - After receiving the plan for the concession project prepared by Bea

Kosovo privatisation fund in commercial banks

The Kosovo Trust Agency - KTA project for allocating a part of the KTA Trust Fund to commercia

Kosovo: Steering Committe for Prishtina Airport

Prishtina, 10 April 2007 - The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) presented The Steering Co

Kosovo: Energy tenders in the hands of LDK

Prishtinė, 6 April 2007 - In the Tendering Committee for energy projects many substantial chan

Kosovo's Ferronikeli – a successful privatisation

Prishtinė, 6 April 2007 – Media in Kosovo reported on the visit of Acting DSRSG and Head of

Ljubljanska Banka enters the banking market of Kosovo

Today, the Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) signed the contract on the acquisition of a 50.14%

Kosovo: reactions against new energy tariffs

Prishtina, 4 April 2007 - Kosovo Labour Union BSPK is categorically against the increase of en

Kosovo: increasing interest of Austrian investors

Austrian Office Prishtina / Austrian Development Agency

Ministry of Trade and In

Kosovo: no re-tendering of privatized enterprises

Prishtina, 27 March 2007 - Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) officials stressed that only one enterpri

Kosovo: capital investments in Prishtina Airport

Prishtina, 26 March 2007 - Pristina International Airport, with an annual turnover of some €20

Kosovo: EU supports private sector

Prishtina, Kosovo, 26 March 2007 - The European Union today launched the €3.2 million progra

Kosovo: 24th wave of privatization

Prishtina, 21 March 2007 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA), responsible for the privatization of

Kosovo's future discussed in a conference in Vienna

Vienna, 21 March 2007 - A conference discussing future of Kosovo was held in Vienna today. The

Kosovo: agreement on energy market signed

Prishtina, 21 March 2007 - A framework agreement was signed yesterday between KOSTT (the indep

Kosovo: Croatian company privatized two mines

Prishtinė, 15 March 2007 - The “Xim Strezovci” mine and another minelocated in Golesh were bou

Croatian businessmen in Kosovo

Prishtina, 13 March 2007 - A delegation of Croatian businessmen led by Croatian Minister of Ec

Kosovo: Airport concession inevitable

Prishtina, 13 March 2007 - If the airport would be given in concession, a private company woul

Kosovo mobile telephony tender was fair, says UNMIK

Prishtina, 13 March 2007 - Two international members of the Supervisory Committee for the seco

Kosovo welcomes 80 Croatian companies

Prishtina, 12 March 2007 - Croatian Economy Minister Branko Vukelic is heading a business dele

Kosovo to review the privatisation of some enterprises

Prishtina, 9 March 2007 - The Board of Directors of Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) has decided to r

Kosovo Winery Institute inaugurated

Rahovec, 8 March 2007 - The Kosovo Winery Institute was inaugurated yeterday in the town of Ra

Kosovo: mobile operator licence signed

Prishtina, 8 march 2007 - Telekom Slovenija - IpkoNet Consortium has officially been announced

Kosovo: no more subsidies for energy

Prishtina, 8 March 2007 - During a debate organised by the World Bank, Kosovar Deputy Ministe

Kosovo: 30 mn tons of ashes to be removed

Prishtina, 6 March 2007 - The World Bank has allocated some €5.5 million for a project to rem

Kosovo: Mobilkom Austria sues TRA

Prishtina, 5 march 2007 - “Mobilkom Austria” has filed a lawsuit against TRA at the Municipa

Kosovo customs bring € 459.6 million in 2006

Prishtina, 5 March 2007 - In a press conference in Prishtina, the representatives of UNMIK Cus

Kosovo exports pharmaceuticals

Prizren, 5 March 2007 - As reported in the Kosovar media, the pharmaceutical company from Priz

Kosovo: using the privatisation fund for infrastructure

Prishtina, 28 February 2007 - Media in Kosovo reported today on a meeting between Minister of

Kosovo Government to grant a concession on Prishtina Airport

Prishtinė, 28 Feb, 2007 - The Government of Kosovo gave today the green light to the Ministry

Kosovo: BNP Paribas to operate through EUNDES

Prishtinė, 26 Feb, 2007 – The media in Kosovo report that the bank BNP Paribas will soon start

Kosovo: Further complaints regarding mobile telephony tender

Prishtinė, 26 Feb, 2007 - The Austrian company, Mobilkom, has filed one more complaint against

CEFTA – a challenge for the future of Kosovo

Prishtinė, 25 Feb, 2007 - The Ministry of Trade and Industry of Kosovo organized a conference

Kosovo and Serbia discuss economic and property issues

Prishtinė, 24 Feb, 2007 - On the third day of the negotiations for the final status of Kosovo,

Kosovo opposition suggests the privatization of VALA

Prishtina, 23 February 2007 - Representatives of the Shadow Government firmly believe that t

Kosovo: IPAK-ECIKS Investment Promotion news

Vienna, 23 February 2007 - The project of Foreign Investment Promotion in Kosovo, which starte

IPKO NET pays € 75 million to Kosovo's budget

Prishtina, 22 February 2007 - The consortium of Telecom Slovenia and the Kosovar company IPK

Kosmocell loses Kosovo GSM license to Ipko Net

Prishtina, 21 February 2007 - Ipko Net, which offered EUR 75 mn scoring second in the bidding,

Kosovo could be asked to pay back external debts twice

Prishtina, 17 February 2007 - Isa Mustafa, the Advisor for Economy to Kosovo President, said i

Kosovo: Electricity price increases

Prishtina, 16 February 2007 - As of 1st of April, Kosovo Energetic Corporation - KEK will appl

Kosovo: 23rd wave of privatisation announced

Prishtina, 15 February 2007 The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) yesterday formally launched the 23

Kosovo's forgotten Trepca

Prishtina, 14 February 2007 - Head of UNMIK Joachim Ruecker will meet Trepca Mines Advisory Bo

UNMIK: Kosovo mobile telephony tender transparent

Prishtina, 14 February 2007 - Two UNMIK representatives at the Oversight Committee for the mob

Kosovo Telecom welcomes legal competition

Prishtina, 12 February 2007 - “Post and Telecom Kosovo (PTK) welcomes legal competition in mob

Kosovo: increasing interest of foreign investors

Prishtina, 9 February 2007 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) announced yesterday the provisional

€213 million for Kosovo Pension Trust in 2006

Prishtina, 9 February 2007 - In 2006 the Kosovo Pension Savings Trust (KPST) collected €71 mil

Kosovo, Albania sign MoU in the field of Standardisation

Prishtina, 8 February 2007 - Kosovo and Albania have agreed on close cooperation in the field

Kosovo: € 81 million for mobile license

Prishtina, 8 February 2007 - The Kosovar Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) announce

Ahtissari’s Package opens financial roads to Kosovo

Prishtinė, 7 February 2007 - Kosovar experts are not surprised with the economy issues present

Kosovo to get $279m U.S. aid

Washington, Feb 7, 2007 - U.S. foreign assistance could increase 12 percent in fiscal year 200

Kosovo consortium wins bid for second mobile phone operator

Prishtinė, Feb 7, 2007 - Kosovo’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced offic

Kosovo: millions invested through privatization

Prishtina, 6 February 2007 - KTA Spokesperson, Ekrem Tahiri, said that all enterprises privati

Ruecker: Kosovo’s economic growth rate is 5%

Prishtina, 6 February 2007 - UNMIK chief Joachim Rücker has told BBC that as both Serbia and K

Kosovo: as of March 1st zero tariff on raw materials

Prishtina, 02 February 2007 - The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC), Ministry of Trade and Indu

Kosovo: public hearing on draft law on VAT

02 February 2007 - The business community and civil society proposed yesterday in a public hea

Kosovo ready to pay back foreign debts

Prishtina, 1 February 2007 - The Kosovar Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) is preparing to

Kosovo Railways can reach EU standards

Prishtina, 1 February 2007 - Representatives of the London-based company Cross Tube Rail. Ltd

Kosovo imports during day, exports during night

Prishtina, 1 February 2007 - According to officials of Kosovo Energetic Corporation (KEK), aro

Kosovo: land expropriation delays highway construction

Prishtina, 31 January 2007 - A spokesperson of the Kosovar Ministry of Transport and Telecommu

Kosovo: KTA again to be managed by internationals

Prishtina, 31 January 2007 - According to some media reports, after the final political status

Kosovo: investments in waste management

Prishtina, 30 January 2007 - Four prestigious German and Swiss companies have expressed intere

New management for Kosovos power plant

Prishtina, 30 January 2007 - Only a week after taking over the position of Deputy Managing Dir

Kosovo: Bids for 20th wave of privatization opened

Prishtina, 26 January 2007 - In the 20th wave of privatization, the KTA sold 25 NewCos for €9.

Kosovo: Bid Evaluation Committee selects 4 companies

Prishtina, 26 January 2007 - The Bid Evaluation Committee for the second mobile telephony oper

Kosovo: Minister Dugolli visits Great Britain

Prishtina, 26 January 2007 - Minister of Trade and Industry, Bujar Dugolli, traveled to Wilton

Kosovo's Kasabank to be taken over by Slovenian Bank

Prishtina, 24 January 2007 - By the end of the month Kasabank is expected to reach an agreemen

Kosovo: regular power supply for businesses

Prishtina, 24 January 2007 - At a meeting with KEK managers, Minister of Trade and Industry, B

Kosovo: CBP has not yet refunded €25 million

Prishtina, 24 January 2007 - The Credit Bank of Kosovo (CBP), which went bankrupt in March las

Local Kosovo producers face problems

Prishtina, 22 january 2007 - KTV reported that following the EU membership of Bulgaria and Rum

Kosovo: € 25 million more from customs

Prishtina, 22 january 2007 - Last year UNMIK Customs Service has collected €25 million more th

Kosovo: Highway construction interrupted

Prishtina, 22 january 2007 - The construction of the Prishtina-Lipjan highway has stopped for

Kosovo: New mobile telephony operator in 2-3 weeks

Prishtina, 19 January 2007 - Dailies report that the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (T

Kosovo: KTA announces 20th privatization Wave

Prishtina, 19 January 2007 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) announced on Thursday changes in th

Kosovo: four companies bid for mobile telephony licence

TVs and dailies report on the companies that have applied for the second mobile telephony tend

Kosovo Government adopts agenda for EU partnership

Prishtina, 18 January 2007 - The Government of Kosovo adopted yesterday an action plan for Eur

Kosovo: MEM presents strategy for power plant

Prishtina, 16 January 2007 - Deputy Minister of Energy and Mining, Agron Dida, presented yeste

Kosovo to have an office in Brussels

Prishtina, 15 January 2007 – Prime Minister Agim Ceku said on Friday after a meeting with SRSG

Kosovo will benefit from CEFTA

Prishtina, 12 January 2006 - The CEFTA agreement will bring better economic development in Kos

Kosovo: Prishtina Airport lowers taxes for airlines

Prishtina, 11 January 2007 - Officials of Prishtina International Airport (PIA) have decided t

Kosovo: PTK in construction of Merdar-Morine motorway

Prishtina, 11 january 2007 - The Kosovo Government and the Ministry of Transport and Post Tele

Kosovo: World Bank to play key role in energy project

Prishtina, 9 January 2007 - The World Bank gave millions of euros to show how to establish the

Georgia and Kosovo new markets for Turkey

Ankara, 9 January 2007 - The Undersecretariat of Turkish Foreign Trade will begin talks for fr

Kosovo: PTK’s profit to be used for Sibovc

Prishtina, 6 January 2007 - Sources inside the Economic and Fiscal Council (EFC) told Zeri tha

Kosovo: Indictment against Woollett confirmed

Prishtina, 5 January 2007 - TVs and all dailies report that UNMIK Spokesperson, Neeraj Singh,

Kosovo: Three enterprises held hostage

Prishtina, 4 January 2006 - The industrial giant “Trepca”, Cement Factory “Cimentoreja” in Han

Kosovo: court trial against Telenor starts

Pristhina, 1 January 2007 - Representatives of “Telenor” company did not appear in the first s

Kosovo: 4 companies qualify for energy sector

Prishtina, 1 January 2007 - Four out of ten companies and consortiums that have expressed thei

Kosovo Trust Agency launches 22nd Wave of Privatisation

Prishtina, 29 December 2006 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) on Thursday, 28th of December form

Kosovo: CEFTA encourages investments

Prishtina, 28 December 2006 - The Kosovo Coordinator of Stability Pact in, Gazmend Qorraj, sai

Kosovo: Quantity and quality of lignite reserves

Prishtina, 26 December 2006 - Zeri and Iliria Post carry an editorial written by Lorik Haxhiu,

Kosovo: Vala announces new products

Prishtina, 26 December 2006 - Written and broadcast media reported on the new services launche

Incorporation clarifies property of Kosovo POEs

Prishtina, 26 December 2006 - Deputy Managing Director of KTA for Publicly Owned Enterprises -

Kosovo: MTI holds end-of-year press conference

Prishtina, 26 December 2006 - KTV and all written media carried articles on the press conferen

Kosovo: Privatization process successful

Prishtina, 21 December 2006 - All written and broadcast media reported on the last press confe

Kosovo: KEK moving toward Sibovc

Prishtinė, 18 December 2006 - KEK has started to buy land of Hade villagers to open a way to S

Kosovo Post and Telecom sues Norwegian Telenor

Prishtina, 14 December 2006 - The PTK sued the new owner of Serb Mobtel, Telenor, asking for €

Kosovo: WB supports energy sector with €14 million

Prishtina, 14 December 2006 - The World Bank has allocated $14 million to UNMIK for the energy

Kosovo: three enterprises sold for €8.4 million

Prishtina, 14 December 2006 - KTA announced the results of the second round of special spin-of

Kosovo C licence depends on Environment Ministry

Prishtinė, Dec 12, 2006 - The concern of the citizens of Kosovo about the environmental pollut

Kosovo Government reduces the budget of KTA

Prishtinė, Dec 12, 2006 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) had requested €123 million from the Ko

Kosovo tube factory privatized for €3.6 million

Prishtina, 11 December 2006 - Dailies report that the Tube Factory in Ferizaj was sold for €3.

Kosovo: FTA with Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented

Prishtina, 11 December 2006 - UNMIK Customs Service announced that the Free Trade Agreement (F

Kosovo: €265 million from privatization process

Prishtina, 11 December 2006 - KTA officials announced yesterday the latest data on the privati

Kosovo Tax Administration to be prioritized

Prishtinė, 6 December 2006 - The Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) has proposed to the Govern

Kosovo: 10 Int. companies in race for energy sector

Prishtinė, 5 december 2006 - Kosovar Ministry for Energy and Mining has announced yesterday

Major companies interested in Kosovo’s mines

Prishtina, 4 December 2006 - Officials from Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICM

Kosovo: Assembly approves budget 2007

Prishtina, 1 December 2006 - The Assembly of Kosovo yesterday approved in principle the Kosovo

Kosovo: € 300 million of KTA to remain frozen

Prishtina, 1 December 2006 - It is likely that around €300 million collected from the privatiz

Kosovo: PTK Director calls to privatize mobile operator

Prishtina, 1 December 2006 - PTK Managing Director Etrur Rrustemaj called on the Kosovo Govern

Llamkos aims at increasing Kosovo export

Prishtine, Dec 1, 2006 - The factory for galvanized iron, Llamkos, which was privatized last y

WB: Kosovo Government cannot be the owner of lignite

Prishtinė, 29 November 2006 - Sources told Koha Ditore that the World Bank will not allow the

NCB to open branch in Kosovo

Prishtinė, 29 Novemnber 2006 - Lajm reports The National Commercial Bank (NCB), the second lar

Kosovo: Russians taking part in race for new power plant

Prishtine, 28 November 2006 - The Russian company, En+ will bid in the tender for the construc

Ceku: Kosovo has a strategic vision for integrating in EU

Prishtinė, 28.11.2006 - In the eleventh meeting of the Stabilization Association Tracking Mech

IMF: Abolish the laws that cost you €80 million

Prishtinė, 28.11.2006 - Lajm reports that the IMF recommended to the Assembly and the Governme

Minister: Measures against KEK management

Prishtinė, 28.11.2006 - In the meeting of the Task Force on Energy, Minister of Energy and Min

UNMIK will need three to six months to leave Kosovo

Prishtinė, 24 November 2006 - The newspaper ZERI quotes UNMIK Spokesman Neeraj Singh saying th

Kosovo: Rusal to go in for the race for “Kosova C”

Prishtinė, 20 November 2006 - Kosova Sot indicates that the Russian media report that the Russ

Kosovo: Coal production is decreesing

Prishtinė, 20 November 2006 - The coal production in the Bardh and Mirash coalmines is contin

Kosovo: Trepēa might be liquidated

Prishtuinė, 17 November 2006 - If the Government of Kosovo does not agree with an internationa

EBRD allocates €3m loan to New Bank of Kosovo

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Italian Government allocat

Kosovo Government to establish a lignite company

Prishtinė, 17 November 2006 - “As continuation of the restructuring of the energy situation in

President Sejdiu meets Head of UNMIK Pillar IV

Prishtinė, 15.11.2006 - The broadcast and written media reported on a meeting that took place

Kosovo Economic and Fiscal Council approved budget 2007

Prishtinė, 14 November 2006 - The Economic and Fiscal Council (EFC) has yesterday given ‘gree

Economic growth of 5.5% expected in the next 6 years

Prishtinė, 14 November 2006 - The authors of the Kosovo Development Strategy Plan (KDSP) said

ECIKS to implement Investment Promotion Project for Kosovo

Vienna, 7 November 2006 - The Economic Initiative for Kosova - ECIKS will represent the Inve

Kosovo: Three local banks to merge into one

Prishtinė, Nov 3, 2006 - Three Kosovo banks, the Economic Bank of Kosovo, the New Bank of Koso

Kosovo Trust Agency signs 13 sales contracts

Prishtinė, Nov 3, 2006 - Paul Acda, Chairman of the KTA Board, signed 13 sales contracts (12 s

Kosovo fulfils conditions for CEFTA membership

Prishtinė, Oct 30, 2006 - With assistance from the European Commission (EC) and UNMIK, Kosovo

Kosovo Trust Agency: 5,000 investors identified so far

Prishtinė, Oct 30, 2006 – The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) Deputy Managing Director, Ahmet Shala,

Government of Kosovo will have shares in Trepēa

Prishtinė, Oct 28, 2006 - Minister of Energy and Mining, Ethem Ēeku, said for the media in Kos

Kosovo launches tender on new operator of mobile telephony

Prishtinė, Oct 27, 2006 - The tender for the second operator of mobile telephony in Kosovo is

Kosovo: KTA Board launches 20th wave of privatisation

Prishtinė, Oct 22, 2006 - In addition to launching the 20th wave of privatisation (33 new ente

ContourGlobal and PPC to Ink Venture in Kosovo Lignite

Athens, Oct 19, 2006 - The Public Power Corp (PPC) and US energy firm ContourGlobal are set to

Kosovo: TRA authorized to dismantle antennas

Prishtinė, Oct 19, 2006 - The UNMIK Legal Office sent a letter to the Telecommunication Regula

Kosovo and Albania sign two MoUs on energy

Prishtinė, Oct 18, 2006 – The UNMIK-Chief Joachim Ruecker signed yesterday two Memoranda of Un

Kosovo Invites Bulgarian Investors

Hashim Thaēi invited the Bulgarian business to invest in Kosovo at an official meeting with

Mytilineos Group targets Kosovo mines

Prishtinė, Oct 16, 2006 - One of the greatest creditor claimant of Trepēa, the Greek Mytilineo

“Government will have stocks in Kosovo C and Sibovc mine”

Prishtinė, Oct 16, 2006 - “Despite the investments that will be done by selected companies, I

Kosovo: International Investment Conference held in Prishtina

Prishtinė, Oct 13, 2006 – A two-day International Investment Conference, which took place in

Kosovo Government changes license criteria for new operator

Prishtinė, Oct 13, 2006 - Following the recommendations of the Swedish Consultant Company Ab S

Kosovo does not want the €30 million of Serbia

Prishtinė, Oct 11, 2006 - Kosovo officials did not welcome the €30 million the Government of S

Kosovo prepares for big investments in the energy sector

Written by Ethem Ēeku, Minister of Energy and Mining

Prishtinė, Oct 11, 20

Kosovo: EU allocates €20 million for utilities sector

Prishtinė, Oct 11, 2006 - Based on a press release from the European Agency for Reconstruction

Kosovo’s Ferronikeli to recommence production in 2007

Prishtinė, Oct 6, 2006 - The Kosovo mining e smelting Nickel plant Ferronikeli, bought by the

Kosovo: 30 SOEs privatized in 18th wave

Prishtinė, Oct 6, 2006 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) concluded the 18th wave of privatizatio

Kosovo Trust Agency launches 19th wave of privatization

Prishtinė, Oct 5, 2006 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) announced on Monday that it has officia

Kosovo and Croatia sign Free Trade Agreement

Zagreb, Sept 30, 2006 - A Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Croatia and UNMIK on behalf of Ko

Albania's highway to reach Kosovo

Tirana, Sept 30, 2006 - Albania approved a €250 million contract to build a four-lane stretch

Kosovo: TAK collects more than planned

Prishtinė, Sept 30, 2006 - The Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) has collected € 32m more th

Privatization of recreation centre Brezovica postponed

Prishtinė, Sept 29, 2006 - The privatization of the Recreation Ski Centre in Brezovica is post

Kosovo and Albania liberalize trade exchange

Prishtinė, Sept 28, 2006 - As of January of 2007, customs tariff zero will be applied for all

Belgrade bank obtains licence to function in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Sept 27, 2006 - The Belgrade bank “Komercijalna Banka” obtained a permit from Banki

Kosovo Revamps Banking System to Bolster Economy

Prishtinė, 25 September 2006 - At a ceremony Friday in Prishtina, Kosovo took another step t

Kosovo in CEFTA

Prishtinė, Sept 22, 2006 – Last week CEFTA countries have come to the joint agreement of inclu

Kosovo: Trepēa to be sold, to pay back its debts

Prishtinė, Sept 22, 2006 - Officials of UNMIK Pillar IV and the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) have

Kosovo: Finnish and British geologists to start survey on mines and minerals

Prishtina, Sept 20, 2006 - In the UNMIK Pillar IV Press conference as well as in a separate in

Kosovo: Advisory Board to protect Trepēa’s interests

Prishtinė, Sept 7, 2006 - The first meeting of the newly formed Trepēa Advisory Board took pla

EU assists Kosovo enterprises to increase efficiency

Prishtinė, Sept 7, 2006 - Through advisory services, BAS, the EU assisted around 60 private en

Kosovo Banks to offer better loan conditions

Prishtinė, Aug 22, 2006 – According to a report published today in Koha Ditore the three main

Kosovo: "First ambitious plan"

Prishtinė, Aug 19, 2006 - Economic experts support the Ministry of Energy and Mining’s (MEM)

Kosovo Budget guarantees country's financial sustainability

Prishtinė, Aug 19, 2006 - All print and broadcast media have reported on the meeting held betw

Paul Acda to Chair Kosovo Trust Agency Board

Prishtinė, Aug 19, 2006 - There were rumours that following the appointment of Joachim Ruecker

Kosovo: British Petrol to sign a contract with Prishtina Airport

Prishtinė, Aug 19, 2006 - Lajm reports that Air BP (British Petroleum) will sign a one-year co

Government to launch Expression of Interest Mining Sector

Prishtinė, Aug 18, 2006 - The Ministry of Energy and Mining announced the launch of an Expre

Serbian bank heading towards enclaves in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Aug 17, 2006 - Out of the six commercial banks that currently operate in Kosovo - a

Delegation of Albania Customs Service in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Aug 17, 2006 - The meeting held between the Director of UNMIK Customs Service, Pa

Kosovo: Ruecker new UNMIK Chief

Prishtinė, Aug 14, 2006 - Most of the dailies in Kosovo report that UNMIK Pillar IV Chief, J

USAID to support energy sector in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Aug 14, 2006 - Following the meeting held with Minister of Energy and Mining Ethem

EAR supports Kosovo Property Agency with € 3 million

Prishtinė, Jul 30, 2006 - Officials from UNMIK and the European Agency for Reconstruction have

Ēeku: Kosovo Railways has good prospects

Prishtinė, Jul 30, 2006 - Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ēeku has visited Kosovo Railways, where

Kosovo to further liberalize trade relations

Prishtinė, 27 Jul, 2006 - The business community in Kosovo requested yesterday to look into po

Kosovo and Croatia negotiate on FTA

Prishtinė, Jul 26, 2006 - Representatives of the Kosovo and Croatia's governments are holding

Kosovo: Economy growing, unemployment too

Prishtinė, 21 July, 2006 - According to the quarterly report of the Ministry of Economy and

Kosovo toward energy market liberalization

Prishtinė, 21 July, 2006 - The establishment of the Independent Operator of the Transmission a

Raiffeisen Bank with €1m for SMEs in Kosovo

Prishtinė, 21 July, 2006 - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has all

EU to boost Kosovo's financial management

Brussels, 20 July, 2006 - European Agency for Reconstruction aims to keep budgets and books ti

Kosovo: Power supply problem to be solved

Prishtinė, 19 Jul, 2006 - The energy supply in Kosovo over the past few days was poor. Dailies

Kosovo institutions want additional competencies

Prishtinė, Jul 16, 2006 - In a letter sent to the UN-Administrator in Kosovo, the Prime Minist

Kosovo: Changes to BPK Regulation expected

Prishtinė, Jul 16, 2006 - Lajm reports that a new regulation of the Banking and Payment Author

Kosovo economy experts debate over Development Plan 2007-2013

Prishtinė, 14 Jul, 2006 - The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and Kosovo Business Alliance organize

Kosovo and Albania sign an annex to FTA

Tirana, 14 Jul, 2006 - Kosovo and Albania signed this week an Annex to the Free Trade Agreemen

Kosovo: Privatisation funds unnecessarily frozen

Prishtinė, July 12, 2006 - According to an article published in Kosovar daily „Bota Sot“, the

Kosovo and Macedonia sign agreement on transport

Prishtinė, Jul 6, 2006 - The Ministry of Transport and Post Telecommunication (MTPT) of Koso

Kosovo: New mobile operator after the status?!

Prishtinė, Jul 6, 2006 - According to the Political Advisor to the Ministry of Transport and

Kosovo development plan following the status

Prishtinė, July 4, 2006 - By the end of the year, Kosovo will have a document to define its ec

Kosovo: “Peja Brewery” purchase concluded

Pejė, July 4, 2006 - Last week the KTA concluded the procedure of purchasing “Peja Brewery”. T

CEFTA: First round of negotiations with Kosovo

Brussels, July 2, 2006 - The first round of negotiations on the CEFTA (Central European Free T

Kosovo: Decreased satisfaction with institutions’ work

Prishtinė, July 2, 2006 - Based on a survey conducted by UNDP there was a significant decrease

€ 120 million for the Kosovo-Highway

Prishtinė, June 29, 2006 - The South Eastern Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO) will allocat

Kosovo: Brezovica’s privatization takes time

Prishtinė, June 29, 2006 – Kosovar daily Lajm reports that the Brezovica Ski Resort will not b

Kosovo to begin CEFTA negotiations

Prishtinė, June 29, 2006 - Kosovo will attend the first round of the negotiations of the Centr

Kosovo: KTA announced 17th Privatisation Round

Prishtinė, 27.06.2006.- The Kosovo Trust Agency has announced today in Prishtina dhe 17th ro

Kosovo: KTA Announces Provisional Winners of the 15th Wave

Prishtinė, 21 June 2006 – The Kosovo Trust Agency announced the provisional winners of the 1

Kosovo: Ipko Net competes for second operator of mobile tel.

Prishtinė, June 05, 2006 - Officials of Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) said th

Kosovo: Guardia di Finanza raids PTK offices

Prishtinė, June 02, 2006 - Koha Ditore reports that the Kosovo Post and Telecom (PTK) has on

Kosovo: Trepēa may remain without a license

Prishtina, June 02, 2006 - The Chairman of the Board of Independent Commission for Mines and M

Kosovo: Energy licensed

Prishtinė, June 01, 2006 - Energy Regulator Office (ERO) officials told KosovaLive that June 2

Auditor General reveals irregularities in Kosovo President’s Office

Prishtinė, June 01, 2006 - The Kosovo’s General Auditor revealed irregularities in the Office

Slovenian Telecom Acquires part of Kosovo internet provider IPKO

Prishtinė, May 30, 2006 - Slovenian Telecom acquired 75% of shares of Ipko Net Company, the bi

Kosovo Government sees economic development through energy sector

Prishtinė, May 29, 2006 - The Ministry of Energy and Mining has the support of the Kosovo inst

Kosovo: PTK threatens illegal mobile operators with court

Prishtinė, May 29, 2006 - The Post and Telecom of Kosovo (PTK) together with Monaco Telecom an

Kosovo rejects Russian offer to build gas-fired power station

Prishtinė, May 29, 2006 - The construction of new power plants on the basis of natural gas is

Kosovo: UN agrees on joint UNMIK-PISG office in Brussels

Prishtinė, May 25, 2006 - During a meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ēeku, SRSG Soren Je

Kosovo: Mabetex admits it wanted to buy Yumco from Serbia

Prishtinė, May 25, 2006 - The “Mabetex” company of the Pacolli family is revealed as the “anon

Kosovo: Five intnl. companies competing for mobile licensing consultant

Prishtinė, May 24, 2006 - Five international known companies are competing as consultants to t

Property rights - the most difficult standard to be fulfilled in Kosovo

Prishtinė, May 23, 2006 - The representatives of Kosovo institutions, in charge of implementat

New tax on non-alcoholic drinks angers producers in Kosovo

Prishtinė, May 22, 2006 - Domestic producers of non-alcoholic drinks threaten Kosovo’s governm

Kosovo Government asks for stake in decisions on Trepēa

Prishtinė, May 20, 2006 - At Wednesday’s regular Government meeting, discussions focused on th

Croatian Oil Company INA preferred in Kosovo

Prishtinė, May 18, 2006 - An Executive Decision authorizing the Croatian oil company INA to ta

Kosovo: Grand Hotel and IMN sales endangered

Prishtinė, May 18, 2006 - Because of irregularities in the pre-qualification, the sale of the

Kosovo: Lot of complains regarding the UNMIK Custom Services

Business Community is asking to be treated better by UNMIK Customs Service, considering th

Energetic Corporation of Kosovo (KEK) and KESH sign MoU

Prishtinė, May 17, 2006 - Energetic Corporation of Kosovo (KEK) and the Albanian Power Utility

Kosovo: Office of Auditor General will audit all spending agencies

Prishtinė, May 17, 2006 - The General Auditor of Kosovo, Linda Casella, said at a press confer

Kosovo to have new power plant in 2020

Prishtinė, May 15, 2006 - Kosovo’s Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) voiced optimistic on Th

Kosovo: PTK decreases profit

Prishtinė, May 15, 2006 - According to Kosovar daily Lajm, the Post and Telecomm of Kosovo (PT

Kosovo: MEM drafts Foreign Investment Attraction Strategy

Prishtinė, May 14, 2006 - The Ministry for Energy and Mining has drafted a strategy on interna

Serbia has no property in Kosovo

Prishtinė, May 14, 2006 - In the next meeting the Working Group on Economy and Finance of the

Kosovo: MEF presents Quarterly Financial Report

Prishtinė, May 14, 2006 - Compared to the same period last year the first quarter 2006 has mar

Kosovo to sell 16 companies

Prishtinė, May 14, 2006 - The Kosovo Trust Agency Board of Directors approved the 16th wave of

Kosovo: Serbian Government - has primary interest in privatizing "Trepēa"

Prishtinė, May 04, 2006 – The "Trepēa" Strategy of Restructuring and Liquidation, compiled by

May finds Kosovo with 50% unemployed

Prishtinė, May 04, 2006 – According to a KTV report the Workers Day found Kosovo with 50% unem

Kosovo sells in 13th wave of privatization 15 companies

Prishtinė, May 04, 2006 – KTA has opened the bids for the 13th wave of the privatization proce

New Kosovo Agency to deal with immovable property

Prishtinė, May 04, 2006 – The Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) from now on will deal with property

Kosovo: Sale and Handover of Ferronikeli Completed

Prishtinė, May 3, 2006 – An event at UNMIK Headquarters today marked the sale and handover of

Kosovo: EBRD enables a €36 Million loan to Pristina Airport

Prishtinė, May 03, 2006 - The Investment Project Plan at Pristina International Airport (PIA)

MEF: Kosovo with a balanced budget within three years

Prishtinė, May 03, 2006 - Zeri, as well as other dailies carried a report various MEF official

Kosovo: Global giants rush to KEK

Prishtinė, May 03, 2006 - The Ministry of Energy and Mining may be facing a lot of work once t

Ruecker: “Prishtina Airport closer to certification”

Prishtinė, Apr 26, 2006 - The Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Joachim Ruecker said on Monday following

Kosovo: BPK and the KTA in trouble due to Credit Bank assets

Prishtinė, Apr 26, 2006 - The Credit Bank liquidation has caused trouble between the Banking a

Kosovo: Vala 900 begins to send SMS abroad

Prishtinė, Apr 24, 2006 - Sources within the PTK have stated that a pilot stage has begun with

Kosovo: KTA blocks employees’ rights

Prishtinė, Apr 24, 2006 - Through 12 rounds of privatization, over 200 large and medium Social

Kosovo Trust Agency Close Nickel Plant Sale

Prishtinė, Apr 21, 2006 – The sale of Ferronikeli Complex L.L.C. (Ferronikeli) to Internationa

Plan on building new power plant in Kosovo to be completed soon

Prishtinė, Apr 19, 2006 - World Bank and the EAR representatives said that the plan on buildin

Kosovo: Trepēa between two fires

Prishtinė, Apr 19, 2006 - Trepēa will soon have an international administrator. The responsibi

Kosovo: Serbia funded the war with “Trepēa” money

Prishtinė, Apr 19, 2006 - The Minister of Economy and Finance, Haki Shatri, said last week tha

Kosovo: Dobruna outlines main objectives

Prishtinė, Apr 19, 2006 - Pranvera Dobruna-Kryeziu, KEK’s Deputy Managing Director, said at th

Kosovo: All scandals of UNMIK

Prishtinė, Apr 14, 2006 - There would be a scandal if the allegation about misuses at the Airp

Kosovo: Foreign companies claim parts of Trepēa

Prishtinė, Apr 14, 2006 - While KTA is preparing to revive “Trepēa”, over 90 foreign companies

Kosovo: Silcapor with Raiffeisen buying the Grand Hotel

Prishtinė, Apr 14, 2006 - After the highest bidder for the privatization of the Grand Hotel Pr

Kosovo: MEM sets tough criteria for eligible customers

Prishtinė, Apr 14, 2006 - Only customers directly linked to the KEK transmission grids at the

Kosovo: Everything “OK” in Trepēa

Prishtinė, Apr 14, 2006 - The Manager of the Trepca mine, Miftar Hyseni, denies all criticism

UNMIK refutes allegations of having failed to act against corruption

Prishtinė, Apr 12, 2006 - SRSG Soren Jessen-Petersen said that the report of the OIOS presen

Kosovo: Top List of the Corrupted

Prishtinė, Apr 13, 2006 (Express)

The Airport of Pristina - this Company s

Kosovo: "The legalization of the illegal by the KTA Board"

Prishtinė, Apr 12, 2006 - By deciding to sell the two most important socially owned hotels in

Kosovo: Second bidder buys Rahoveci Winery

Prishtinė, Apr 12, 2006 - Since the first bidder failed to pay the first instalment of the pay

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce signs an MoU with Informest

Prishtinė, Apr 9, 2006 - The agreement on cooperation between the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce a

Kosovo: Brezovica to be privatized, if Serbia allows

Prishtinė, Apr 7, 2006 - The Tourist Center of Brezovica, a place where Albanians come for the

Donor Commitment to Kosovo Reconfirmed

Prishtinė, Apr 6, 2006 – A donor conference organized by the European Commission and the World

Kosovo: Tender for consulting company to be announced on Thursday

Prishtinė, Apr 5, 2006 – The Government of Kosovo will announce on Thursday the tender for sel

Kosovo: Trepēa miners’ life at risk

Prishtinė, Apr 4, 2006 - Rainer Hengstmann, member of the Kosovo Independent Commission for Mi

Kosovo: Significant progress in justice system achieved

Prishtinė, Apr 4, 2006 – The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) said

Privatisation remains of central importance to Kosovo’s economic revival

Kosovo stands to benefit from millions of euro investment and substantial job creation

Kosovo: Landline telephony with new Internet service

Prishtinė, Apr 1, 2006 - Very soon, Kosovar consumers will be able to benefit from a quality s

Kosovo Government announces new mobile tender

Prishtinė, Apr 1, 2006 - All TVs and dailies in Kosovo report that the Kosovo Government decid

Priebe: Kosovo has made significant progress

Prishtinė, Mar 31, 2006 – European Commission Director for Western Balkans Reinhard Priebe sai

Kosovo: “Corrupted privatization”

By Astrit Gashi / Koha Ditore

Prishtinė, Mar 28, 2006 - Continuous withdr

Kosovo: Highest bidder for Grand Hotel withdraws

Prishtinė, Mar 27 2006 - KTA officials said on Thursday that the Makos consortium, the highest

Kosovo: KEK and Alferon reach an agreement

Prishtinė, Mar 20, 2006 - UNMIK Pillar IV officials said on Thursday at the regular UNMIK Pill

Kosovo: Grand Hotel to be re-tendered?!

Prishtinė, Mar 20, 2006 - Three Kosovar dailies report that it is likely that the Makos Compan

Banking system of Kosovo not at risk

Prishtinė, Mar 16, 2006 - TVs and dailies in Kosovo interviewed economic experts on the closur

Busek starts two-day visit to Kosovo

Prishtinė, Mar 15, 2006 - The Stability Pact Coordinator for Southeastern Europe Erhard Busek

Interview with UNMIK Pillar IV Chief, Joachim Ruecker

Prishtinė, Mar 15, 2006 - The Head of UNMIK Pillar IV, Joachim Ruecker, launched a “speedy” pr

Kosovo: Credit Bank of Prishtina ordered to stop its activities

Prishtinė, Mar 14, 2006 - The Board of Banking and Payments Authority of Kosovo (BPK) decided

Kosovo: Licensing of mines delayed for no reason

Prishtinė, Mar 14, 2006 - Shyqri Kelmendi, Mining Advisor at the MTI, considers that the inter

Kosovo: Brezovica’s privatisation boosts economic development

Prishtinė, Mar 13, 2006 - Kosovo is preparing to privatise its only ski resort, a crumbling, s

Kosovo hotels sold at high price

Prishtinė, Mar 13, 2006 - The representatives of the business community in Kosovo consider tha

Export revival remains a dream in Kosovo

Long-term collapse in sale of goods abroad shows no sign of imminent turnaround.


Kosovo parliament elects today new government

Prishtinė, March 10, 2006 – Only some minor changes of the previous composition of the Kosovo

World Bank committed to Kosovo

Prishtinė, March 9, 2006 – Kosovo’s President Fatmir Sejdiu said during a meeting with the Wor

Slovenian Company Intereuropa to invest in Kosovo

Ljubljana, Mar 6, 2006 - Logistics Company Intereuropa plans to open a subsidiary in Kosovo in

Upcoming event about Kosovar economy in Vienna
On 15 March 2006 the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Organizes a Forum named "Economic Partner Kosovo"

Kosovo: Alferon may be extended the deadline again

Prishtinė, March 3, 2006 - The Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Joachim Ruecker said today that due to

Kosovo: Brezovica will be privatized through special spin-off

Prishtinė, March 3, 2006 - During their visit to Ski Centre in Brezovica, UNMIK Pillar IV Chie

Kosovo: Ski Resort "Brezovica" being privatized secretly?!

Prishtinė, Mar 2, 2006 - The Ski Resort in Brezovica, in South Kosovo, may be included in th

Kosovo's Prime Minister Resigns

The Associated Press

Prishtinė, March 1,

Kosovo: Prishtina-Skopje railway line back into operation

Prishtinė, Mar 1, 2006 - After many delays, the railway line between Macedonia and Kosovo, whi

UN Says Kosovo Status Talks Off to Good Start

Vienna, Feb 28, 2006 - Martti Ahtisaari, the United Nations chief negotiator for the future

Kosovo: LDK takes the Ministry of Interior, AAK that of Justice

Prishtinė, Feb 28, 2006 - The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) and the Democratic Leagu

Two blocks of Kosovo A power plant online

Prishtinė, Feb 24, 2006 - The power supply situation in Kosovo improved on Feb. 24 with block

Kosovo: Grand Hotel and Peja brewery privatized

Prishtinė, Feb 23, 2006 - The Macedonian company Makos and the Maxi Market from Pristina bou

Rossin: This year may bring independence to Kosovo

Prishtinė, Feb 23, 2006 - The outgoing UNMIK Deputy Head, Larry Rossin said on Wednesday in

Kosovo Talks begin in Vienna

Vienna, Feb 20, 2006 - Powers to be granted to Kosovo's new municipalities will be the opening

Kosovo and Bosnia Initial Free Trade Agreement

Prishtinė, Feb 20, 2006 - Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have initialled the Interim

Kosovo Railways Opens Shuttle Service

Prishtinė, Feb 20, 2006 - Kosovo Railways will open on Monday, 20 February, a train shuttle se

Kosovo: Trade balance widening

Prishtinė, Feb 16, 2006 - The trade balance of Kosovo / Kosova showed a deficit of 1.13 billio

Kosovo: Status settlement would help economic development

Prishtinė, Feb 13, 2006 – The status settlement would help economic development, but the curre

Kosovo’s Delegation approves decentralization document

Prishtinė, Feb 13, 2006 – Kosovo’s Negotiating Team, chaired by the newly elected President Fa

Kosovo elected new President

Prishtinė, Feb10 2006 – The Parliament of Kosovo with majority of votes have elected Fatmir Se

Kosovo: 14 companies privatized

Prishtinė, Feb 9, 2006 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) announced on Wednesday through coded

Kosovo Serbs are privileged, not discriminated

Prishtinė, Februar 6, 2006 – Kosovo’s Minister of Energy and Mining Ethem Ceku and the Head o

Kosovo: €16.9 million allocated for import of electricity

Prishtinė, Feb 3, 2006 – Kosovo’s Minister of Energy and Mining (MEM) Ethem Ceku said in an in

Highway construction Albania - Kosovo starts soon

Prishtinė, Feb 3, 2006 - The World Bank and the Albanian government are aiming to start with t

UNMIK: Vala 900 – The only legal provider in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Feb 2, 2006 - There is only one legal provider of mobile telephony in Kosovo and th

Mamberto: EU not going to replace UN Mission in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Jan 30, 2006 - The Head of the European Commission Liaison Office in Kosovo Ambassa

MTI: No oil shortage in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Jan 30, 2006 - Kosovo has enough amount of oil reserves, so the closure of border

Fatmir Sejdiu to become new Kosovo President

Prishtinė, Jan 30, 2006 - The largest party in Kosovo, LDK, has decided that Fatmir Sejdiu w

Kosovo will be independent after a certain time

Vienna, Jan 25, 2006 - The coordinator of the South East Europe Stability Pact, Erhard Busek,

International tender for new lottery for Kosovo

Prishtinė, Jan 24, 2006 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) informed the Ministry of Economy and F

Kosovo: Cable and Wireless, PTK’s strategic ally?

Prishtinė, Jan 24, 2006 - After the end of the negotiations with British Telecom, it is likely

Kosovo: BT exits partnership with PTK

Prishtinė, Jan 23, 2006 - British telecommunications company BT PLC has stopped all work on

Kosovo president Ibrahim Rugova dies

Prishtinė, January 21, 2006 - Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova died Saturday, an official close

Mobtel restores its illegal network in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Jan 17, 2006 - The President of the Board of the Telecommunications Regulatory Auth

Kosovo: Few Bids for Grand Hotel, Winery and Peja Brewery

Prishtinė, Jan 17, 2006 - The privatization of the largest Socially Owned Enterprises in Kosov

Kosovo: Decision over new ministries this week

Prishtina, Jan 16 2006 – The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) will come forward with its posi

ECIKS completes the Study for ADA

Vienna - ECIKS has completed the study about the potential of economic sectors and enterpris

Kosovo: Local businessmen in competition for Peja Brewery

Prishtinė, Jan 16, 2006 - Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) has accepted the first offers for the sale

Kosovo: Mobtel disconnection continues

Prishtinė, Jan 16, 2006 - While some local and international authorities speak about the accid

Kosovo: IMR/Alferon to soon carry out investments in Ferronikeli

Prishtinė, Jan 11, 2006 - The Company IMR/Alferon should carry out its contractual obligatio

Kosovo: Mining and agriculture - two main potentials for development

Prishtinė, Jan 9, 2006 – One year ago when we have carried out a study on the potentials for e

Kosovo: Privatization unlikely to end in 2006

Prishtinė, Jan 8, 2006 - Joachim Ruecker, Head of Pillar IV of UNMIK, had promised in his fi

Kosovo Budget in 2008: €1 billion

Prishtinė, Jan 8, 2006 - There is no indication for rise of budget in the next three years. Ac

Investors discouraged to come to Kosovo

Prishtinė, Jan 8, 2006 - Experts of economy said that many potential foreign investors are bei

Kosovo Railways expected to be fully Kosovarized in six months

Prishtinė, Jan 8, 2006 - There will be a vacancy announcement for the Managing Director of the

Kosovo Government to proceed with new mobile telephony tender

Prishtinė, Jan 8, 2006 - UNMIK Pillar IV Chief, Joachim Ruecker, said that the SRSG has sent

Kosovo: UNMIK wants to keep monopoly for PTK

Prishtina, Dec 26, 2005 - By opposing reevaluation of the tender for the second mobile operato

Kosovo and Macedonia re-establish railway line

Prishtina, Dec 21, 2005 - The railway line between Fushė Kosovo (Prishtina) and Skopje was ina

Kosovo: World of Wonders bids for Grand Hotel

Prishtinė, Dec 19, 2005 -The Turkish Consortium MNG, which owns the best known hotels in Turke

Kosovo: German Government donates to energy and mines sector

Prishtinė, Dec 19, 2005 - The German government shall invest €18 million in the energy and min

Kosovo: 8th meeting of Stabilization Association Tracking Mechanism held

Prishtinė, Dec 17, 2005 – Kosovar media informed that the European Commission (EC) will add €2

Kosovo: “Technical issues” hinder train connection Prishtina-Skopje

Prishtinė, Dec 17, 2005 - The date of the inaugural train journey Prishtina-Skopje is not yet

Topalli: Albania supports Kosovo’s independence

Prishtinė, Dec 14, 2005 - Albania’s Parliament Speaker, Jozefina Topalli said on Tuesday in Pr

Kosovo: Regional countries share experiences on privatization

Prishtinė, Dec 13, 2005 - The South-Eastern European Network of Economists and Trade Unions or

Kosovo: Smuggling halves cigarette import

Prishtinė, Dec 9, 2005 – Kosovo is importing half of the amount of cigarettes is used to imp

Kosovo: €16 million from 9th wave of privatization

Prishtinė, Dec 9, 2005 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) yesterday opened the bids from the nint

Kosovo: 15 Companies Put Up for Sale

Prishtinė, Nov 30, 2005 - Kosovo's sunflower oil producer, a brick maker, a pipe factory and t

WB in Kosovo announces launch of the Small Grants Program

Prishtinė, Nov 30, 2005 - The World Bank Office in Kosovo has announced today the launch of th

EBRD buys shares of Kosovo banks

Prishtinė, Nov 30, 2005 – The “senior” bank manager at the European Bank for Reconstruction an

Kosovo: British Telecomm is waiting

Prishtinė, Nov 29, 2005 - Kosovo Administrator Soren Jessen-Petersen has not conveyed to Post

Kosovo: New power plant best solution for energy crisis

Prishtinė, Nov 29 2005 - A new power plant in Kosovo would be a good solution, not only for Ko

Mining Opportunities May Abound in the New Kosovo

LONDON, 25.11.2005 - The uncertain political status of the Serbian province of Kosovo has le

Kosovo: Mobikos reaches agreement with Americans

Prishtinė, Nov 25, 2005 - The Mobikos-Mobitel consortium, who is runing for the licence of t

US copper giant to invest € 500 million in Kosovo

Vienna, Nov. 25, 2005 - The world's biggest copper producer, Phelps Dodge, has won a license t

Kosovo: €1 mill collected from licensing oil companies

Prishtina, Nov. 24, 2005 - Kosovo budget has collected 1 million euro revenues from licensing

Kosovo to get two new ministries before Christmas

Prishtina, Nov. 24, 2005 - The Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Jean Dussourd during a visit to the P

Kosovo: Central bank only a dream

Prishtinė, Nov 24, 2005 - According the Kosovar daily “Lajm” the idea of transforming the Bank

Kosovo: EU to reform public procurement

Prishtinė, Nov 24, 2005 - The EU has launched the second phase of a project supporting the ref

Estimations of Mineral Wealth of Kosovo - “unprofessional”

Prishtinė, Nov 22, 2005 - The Director of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals of

Kosovo: Second mobile operator in 2-3 months

Prishtinė, Nov 22, 2005 - In an interview with “Zėri”, Minister of Transport and Telecommunica

Kosovo: Draft Budget 2006 approved

Prishtinė, Nov 22, 2005 - The Economic Fiscal Council of Kosovo (EFC) approved on Friday the d

Kosovo: PTK signs agreement with Austrian Airlines

Prishtinė, Nov 19, 2005 – The Post & Telecom of Kosovo [Kosova] reached an agreement with the

Kosovo: "Ferronikeli" sold to British Alferon

Prishtinė, Nov 18 2005 - The Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA), charged with the sale of hundreds of s

ECIKS signs cooperation agreement with IPA

Prishtinė, - The Economic Initiative for Kosovo (ECIKS) has signed a cooperation agreeement

Trepēa: High expenses, low output

Prishtinė, Nov 15, 2005 - The Stan Terg mine in Mitrovica, which is part of the Trepēa conglom

Austrian Airlines reacts against favoring BA in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Nov 15, 2005 - "Austrian Airlines" has reacted against acts of Prishtina Airport

The agreement between PTK and BT suspended

Prishtinė, Nov 15, 2005 - The “marriage” between Post Telecom of Kosovo (PTK) and British Te

Kosovo: IMF agrees with tax on PTK

Prishtinė, Nov 10, 2005 - It is still unclear whether the Post and Telecom of Kosovo (PTK) wo

Kosovo: Major developments in the regulation of water sector

Prishtinė, Nov 10, 2005 - A special signing ceremony yesterday marked a major development towa

Kosovo is supporting Albania to overcome energy crisis

Prishtinė, Nov 9, 2005 - Kosovo’s Energetic Corporation (KEK) is providing Albania’s Energetic

Kosovo to face a 26 million euro deficit

Prishtinė, Nov 8, 2005 - The Kosovo budget income for the first half of this year was 26 milli

Kosovo Trust Agency record achievements

Prishtinė, Nov 06, 2005 – According to Kosovar daily “Koha Ditore” this year marks a record ac

Kosovo: First Duty-Free-Shop opened at Prishtina Airport

Prishtina, Nov 6, 2005 - Pristina International Airport’s first duty free shop was officially

Independence no quick fix for weak Kosovo economy

Prishtina, 26 October, 2005 - Kosovo’s leaders must tackle endemic corruption and get serious

Kosovo is suitable place for investments

Prishtinė, Oct 20, 2005 - The Business Advisory Council in collaboration with the Stability Pa

Kosovo: Llamkos resumes work

Prishtinė, Oct 20, 2005 - The factory of the galvanized iron, Llamkos in Vushtrri [Vucitrn], K

Energy giants target Kosovo

Prishtinė, Oct 18, 2005 - Although no tender has been announced about building a new power-pla

Kosovo: Bosnia asks for full market liberalization

Prishtinė, Oct 18, 2005 - Bosnia and Herzegovina officials are not ready to accept the request

Kujtesa threats to sue KEK

Prishtinė, Oct 18, 2005 - A legal representative of Kujtesa Company in Prishtina, told to medi

VoA: Negotiations to Begin on Final Status of Kosovo

Last week the United Nations recommended the start of talks on the final status of Kosovo, whi

Kosovo: British Airways pays no cent on Saturdays

Prishtinė, Oct 14, 2005 - While led by former director Ioan Woollett, the Prishtina Airport fa

First private Hydro Power Plant in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Oct 14, 2005 - The renovation of this Lumbardh Hydro Power Plant (HPP) in Decan, wh

Kosovo to face a coal crisis?!

Prishtinė, Oct 12, 2005 - Besides facing problems with power supply, Kosovo might face a coal

Kosumi: “In ten years Kosovo will be economic power”

Prishtinė, Oct. 12 2005 - Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi said in the first meeting of the

Mobikos ready to start operation as second mobile provider in Kosovo

Prishtinė, Oct. 10, 2005 – Mobikos, a consortium that won the contested tender of second mobil

USAID: Kosovo, the safest place in the region to invest in

Prishtinė, Oct 8, 2005 - Whatever the final status is going to be, Kosovo is able to survive e

Kosovo: British Telecom becomes PTK strategic partner

Prishtinė, Oct 8, 2005 - Post Telecom of Kosovo and British Telecom signed on Tuesday an agr

Kosovo: China and Russia against telephone code for Kosovo

Prishtinė, Sept. 30, 2005 - Despite efforts of Kosovars and UNMIK, it will take some more time

Kosovo: Low investments in comfortable trains

Prishtinė, Sept. 29, 2005 - It will take some time before Kosovo citizens will be offered the

Montenegro abolished customs duties for goods with Kosovo origin

Podgorica, Sept. 27, 2005 - The Montenegrin government decided to abolish customs for goods fr

The Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) steps on Kosovo

Prizren, Sept 27, 2005 - Seven people from Albania stayed every day in front of the PTK in P

Kosovo: Siemens interested in investing in energy sector

Prishtinė, Sept 27, 2005 - Siemens, a well-known German company, was interested once more in

"Post Telecom of Kosovo - the worst in Europe"

Prishtinė, Sept 27, 2005 - All Kosovo-wide TVs and dailies reported on a press conference wher

Kosovo Trust Agency Announced 9th Wave of Privatisation

Prishtinė, Sept 24, 2005 - The members of the KTA Board agreed yesterday to ask the KTA manage

Kosovo Power supply in winter 5 hours on, 1 hour off

Prishtinė, Sept 22, 2005 -The KEK General Plan for supplying citizens with energy during the w

Kosovo: Staff Members of Pristina International Airport Suspended

Prishtinė, Sept 22, 2005 - Four staff members of Prishtina International Airport were suspende

Kosovo one of the most business-friendly environments in Eastern Europe

Prishtinė, Sept 21, 2005 - A new study of the local business environment ranks Kosovo among th

Study: Kosovo Among Most Business Friendly Countries

PRISTINA, September 19 (SeeNews) - The business environment of the U.N.-run Kosovo is ranking

Kosovo: Hackers attack mobile phones

Prishtinė, Sept 13, 2005 - Your phone rings, you receive the call, thinking that a friend is c

Winter tourism hotels of Kosovo will be privatised next year

Prishtinė, Sept 13, 2005 - UNMIK Pillar IV Chief, Joachim Ruecker, is afraid that the privatis

Kosovo Trust Agency holds a seminar on privatization

Prishtinė, Sept 12, 2005 - The seminar aimed at informing interested buyers on the procedures

Kosovo: Customs Seizes over 500,000 Smuggled Cigarettes

Prishtinė, Sept 10, 2005 - On September 3rd, officers of UNMIK Customs seized about 505,400 ci

Kosovo Government allocates EUR 400.000 for Katrina victims

Prishtina, September 7, 2005 - Despite the limited budget, Kosovo's Government decided in its

UNMIK Customs introduces Integrated Customs Tariff of Kosovo – TARIK

Prishtinė, Sept 3, 2005 - UNMIK Customs Service started implementing the Integrated Tariff for

Grand Hotel and Peja Brewery to be privatised soon

Prishtina, Sept 1 2005, (AP) - Authorities in Kosovo put the province's biggest hotel and a br

FAST risk profile Kosovo

Geneva, 31 Aug 2005 - 2005 and 2006 could prove to be decisive years for Kosovo's political fu

Kosovo: „Trepēa“ Mines Resumed Operations

Vienna, Aug 24, 2005 – One of the most important pillar of Kosovo’s economy “Trepēa” resumed o

Post & Telecom of Kosovo opens doors to establishment of strategic alliance

Prishtina, Aug 22, 2005 - Three international companies are competing for a partnership with P

Kosovo: Minister of Energy promises 24-hour power supply in 2006

Prishtina, Aug 22, 2005 - The Kosovo Minister of Energy and Mining, Ethem Ceku, regarded the s

Kosovo Budget 2006 will be €700 million

Prishtina, Aug 21, 2005 - KTV reports that Kosovo spending agencies should be more careful whe

Kosovo: "Trepēa" to resume operation on Monday

Mitrovica, Aug 18, 2005 - The Kosovo Minister of Energy and Mines, Ethem Ēeku, said yesterday

Police: Crime rate in Kosovo is decreasing

Prishtina, August 17, 2005 - UNMIK and the Kosovo Police Service (KPS) officials told media ye

UNMIK: Kosovo-Status talks will start in the coming months

Prishtina, August 16, 2005 - The Head of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, Soren Jessen-Pe

Kosovo: IMF foresees slight economic growth in 2006

Prishtina, August 4, 2005 – Today the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mission in Kosovo urge

Kosovo expects no economic growth in 2005

Pristina, July 22, 2005 - Economic activity is slowing down significantly in Kosovo, as the

UNMIK to transfer competencies of police and justice to Kosovo Institutions

Prishtina, July 20, 2005 – Special Representative of Secretary General of UN, Sųren Jessen-P

UNMIK: New responsibilities for Kosovo Government

Prishtina, July 20, 2005 - The Head of UN Mission in Kosovo, Sųren Jessen-Petersen promulgated

Control over oil import in Kosovo causes internal disagreements

Prishtina, July 18, 2005 - The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and the Kosovo Chamber of

PTK and Airport registered as holding companies

Prishtina, July 12. 2005 - The process of incorporation of Post and Telecom of Kosovo (PTK) an

Kosovo can become exporter of energy

Prishtina, July 12. 2005 - According to the Minister of Energy and Mining, Ethem Ceku, Kosovo

20 Kosovo Enterprises to be privatised in 7th round

Prishtina, July 12. 2005 - The Kosovo Trust Agency Board in its last meeting has decided to an

KTA Board decides to sell Ferronikeli to Alferon

Prishtina, July 8, 2005 - The KTA Board has decided in favour of the second bidder without a d

Assembly discussed economic situation in Kosovo

Prishtina, July 8, 2005 - For the first time at the Wednesday session, the Assembly debated ov

Kosovo to sign FTA with Bosnia in September

Prishtina, July 8, 2005 - The delegation of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) returned

18 licenses issued to mineral industries in Kosovo

"The mineral industry in Kosovo is one of the main pillars for the economic deve

Kosovo: Security Secretariat to be created soon

Prishtina, July 5, 2005 – On Monday the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG)

Kosovo: New border regulation

Prishtina, June 23, 2005 - The UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) has announced new regulations for

Standard on economy almost fulfilled, says Kosovo Government

Prishtina, June 16, 2005 – Kosovo Government Coordinator for the Implementation of Standards A

ORA requests special session on Kosovo economy

Prishtina, June 08, 2005 - The Head of ORA Veton Surroi said in a press conference on Monday t

Kosovo gets new postal code

Prishtina, June 1, 2005 - Cities in Kosovo will get new zip codes Tuesday, in order to improv

In three months Kosovo collected 30% of its forecasted budget

Prishtinė, June 1, 2005 - Kosovo consolidated budget has collected € 193 million, or 30% of t

KTA launches 6th wave of privatization

Prishtina, May 27, 2005 - The Board of Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) decided on Thursday evening t

Privatization: 64 Mio USD for Kosovo's Ferronikeli

Prishtina, May 11 2005 (Reuters) - Kosovo's privatisation body declared a 49.5 million euro ($

Kosovo launched 5th wave of privatization

Prishtina, May 11, 2005 - Officials in Kosovo put 15 companies up for sale Tuesday, the fifth

The EIB offers first Kosovo loan

Prishtina, May 3, 2005 – SRSG Sųren Jessen-Petersen signed today an agreement with the Europea

Kosovo's nickel plant Ferronikeli up for sale

Prishtina, Apr 27, 2005 (AP) - A nickel plant in Kosovo [Ferronikeli] went up for sale Wednesd

Kosovo: UNMIK Changes Rules for Privatization

Prishtinė, 22 April 2005 - The United Nations mission in Kosovo set new rules Friday for the p

Lyon: Kosovo's independence - a finished job

Prishtina, April 21, 2005 – The Head of the International Crises Group (ICG) in Belgrade, Jame

World Bank to support further projects in Kosovo

Prishtina, April 21, 2005 – World Bank (WB) representative in Prishtina, Kanthar Shankar said

BPK: Kosovo's Financial System is Liquid

Prishtina, 20 April 2005 - The Financial system in Kosovo is liquid, the majority of banks are

WB will provide further assistance to the energy sector

Prishtina, April 13, 2005 – The World Bank (WB) will provide assistance to the Ministry of Ene

It is the time for Kosova's independence

Prishtina, April 11, 2005, - Nobody is obliged to explain to Serbs that Kosovo is lost.

Kosovo should gain independence now, but not full sovereignty

Prishtina, April 11, 2005 – Kosovo should gain independence from Serbia in 2005-2006, and it s

Björklund: Kosovo is important part of Europe

Prishtina, April 8, 2005 – Swedish Defense Minister Leni Björklund said in an interview with K

UNMIK confirms progress in the economy of Kosovo

Prishtina, Apr 06, 2005 – The DSRSG and chief of UNMIK's Pillar IV in Kosovo, Joachim Ruecker,

Kosovo status - outcome of negotiations

Prishtina, March 31, 2005 – The head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Pascal Fieschi said that h

Prishtina and Belgrade are preparing for talks

Prishtina, March 29, 2005 – The head of UNMIK, Soren Jessen-Petersen says that he has reached

In 2004 Economic Growth in Kosovo was 3.2 %

Prishtina, March 25 2005 – The Ministry of Economy and Finances (MEF) officials said during ye

UNMIK: "Court decision not enforceable"

Prishtina, March 24, 2005 – The decision of Prishtina Municipal Court, requiring the Telecommu

EBRD is helping private and public enterprises in Kosovo

Brussels, March 24, 2005 - UNMIK and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) s

Kosumi elected in the post of Prime Minister

Prishtina, March 23, 2005 – The Parliament of Kosovo has elected today the Cabinet of Bajram K

VoA: Kosovo's Transitional Economy Rapidly Improving

March 2005 - In Kosovo there are the signs of a service-based economy that is capable of produ

Kosovo: New governmental cabinet to be elected tomorrow

Prishtina, March 22, 2005 – The voting for the new governmental cabinet will be one of the iss

Haradinaj departs for The Hague

Prishtina, March 10, 2005 - Former Kosovo premier Ramush Haradinaj departed for The Hague on a

Kosovo To Create Agriculture Development Fund

Prishtinė, 21 Feb 2005 - Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Rural Development is trying to c

Busek: Neither reintegration in Serbia nor direct independence for Kosovo

Prishtinė, 16 Feb 2005 - The Stability Pact Coordinator for South-East Europe, Erhard Busek, g

Kosovo to establish health insurance program in 2007
Prishtina, 14 Feb 2004 – The Parliamentary committee on health placed the draft law on health insura

US Office interested in GSM tender

Prishtina, 11 January 2005 - Daily Newspaper "Zėri" reports that Transport and Telecommunicati

Haradinaj: Kosovo’s independence in 2005

Prishtina, January 1, 2005 - ‘It is true that 2005 will be a crucial year. The Government and

Petersen Releases The Audit Report of Kosovo Budget

Prishtina, Dec 11, 2004 - The top U.N. official in Kosovo, Sųren Jessen-Petersen, released y

Haradinaj meets co-ordinators for standards

Prishtina, 8 December 2004 - Zėri reports on the front page that Prime Minister Ramush Haradin

New Kosovo PM Assumes Post

Prishtina, Dec 6, 2004 - Ramush Haradinaj took over the Office of Kosova Prime Minister toda

Priority standards – waiting for the new government

Prishtina, December 6, 2004 - Koha Ditore reports on the front page that UNMIK and the PRSG ha

Kosovo: Almost 100% of Damaged Houses Repaired

Prishtina, Dec 5, 2004 – The head of Inter-Ministerial Commission Behxhet Brajshori said

Security Situation in Kosovo Shows Signs of Improvement

Prishtina, Dec 5, 2004 - Despite some minor incidents the security situation in Kosova has mar

Kosovo Parliament Voted For The New Government

Prishtina, Dec 3, 2004 - The 120-seat Parliament of Kosovo voted today with 72 votes to three

Kosovo: New Tax Structure to be Applied

Prishtinė, Dec 2, 2004 – Starting from January 1, 2005, the Ministry of Finance and Economy wi

Agreement on Barcode for Kosovo Businesses

Prishtina, Dec 1, 2004 - UNMIK and GS1 have reached an agreement on the use of a distinct barc

Solana supports Petersen’s position on the government!

Koha Ditore and Zėri carry a press release issued by Christina Gallach, spokeswoman for Euro

Rossin: 'standards before status' remains unchanged

Brussels, 24 November 2004 - Koha Ditore reports that PDSRSG Larry Rossin attended a meeting

Kosovo: New Coalition Agreement Reached Today

Prishtinė, Nov 17, 2004 – The Democratic League of Kosova (LDK) announced today that i

UNMIK announced creation of new ministries

Prishtina, Nov 10, 2004 - The UNMIK-Administrator, Sųren Jessen-Petersen, has meet with Koso

Customs Service And OEK Sign a Cooperation Agreement

Prishtina, Nov 6, 2004 – A cooperation agreement to facilitate and accelerate the servic

MFE Requests Lowering of Excise on Vehicles

Prishtina, Nov 6, 2004 - The Minister of Finance and Economy of Kosovo (MFE), Ali Sadriu reque

Bosnia Ready For FTA With Kosovo

Prishtina, Nov 6, 2004 – The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed readiness to

Kosovo: Final Election Results Announced

Prishtina, Nov 4, 2004 - Recounting of votes, announced last week by the Central Election Co

Kosovo: new laws promulgated

Prishtina, Oct 28, 2004 - Yesterday the Special Represenative of the United Nations in Kosov

Preliminar Kosovo Election Results Announced

Prishtina, Oct 27, 2004 - The Central Election Commission and the OSCE announced on Monday t

Kosovo: Petersen Cancels Mobile Telephony Tender Process

Prishtina, Oct 22, 2004 – Only two hours after the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TR

Samsung interested to invest in Kosovo

Prishtina, Oct 18, 2004 – Samsung Corporation from South Korea is interested in buying one of

Economic and Fiscal Council discussed the situation in Kosovo

Prishtina, Oct 14, 2004 – UN-Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) reports that the 21st meeting of the Ec

Kosovo Government takes over the Energy Office

Prishtina, Oct 13, 2004 - Kosovar Prime Minister, Bajram Rexhepi and the Head of Pillar IV o

New SWIFT code for Kosovo approved

Prishtina, Oct 12, 2004 – International Standards Organization (ISO) has responded positively

Kosovo: New ministries to come soon

Prishtina, Oct 7, 2004 - New ministries, the capacity
building of local institutions

Kosovo: Construction Companies Ones Evading Taxes Mostly

Prishtina, Oct 6, 2004 – A team dealing with discovering of tax evasion cases is investigating

Turkish Businessmen Interested in Investing in Kosovo

Prishtina, Oct 5, 2004 – Turkish businessmen are interested in investing in Kosova, i

US Trade and Investment Mission Visited Kosovo

Prishtina, Oct 4, 2004 – U.S Office in Prishtina organized last week a three day long visit

Kosovo and Albania eliminate double tax

Prishtina, 29 September 2004 - The UNMIK Administrator Sųren Jessen-Petersen and the Finance

Mobile phone tender: no final decision in sight

Prishtina, 24 September 2004 - The procedure for signing the second license for mobile compa

Employment Collective Agreement Signed

Prishtina, 23 September 2004 - Representatives of Government, Kosova Trade Union (BSPK), and

Third privatization round in Kosovo – successful

Prishtina, 22 September 2004 – The third round of privatization has been successfully

Fifth meeting of the EU’s Kosovo SAp Tracking Mechanism

Brussels, 17 September 2004 - The fifth meeting of the Stabilisation and Association process (

Government wants competencies for justice, law and order

Prishtina, 10 of September 2004 - Some UNMIK highest-ranking officials will soon hold a joint

KTA: Today, bid pre-registration deadline

Prishtina, 08 September 2004 - The Kosovo Trust Agency informs that today, September 8, is the

Petersen and Rugova inaugurate New Rail Cargo Terminal

Prishtina, 6 September 2004 - SRSG Sųren Jessen-Petersen and President Ibrahim Rugova inaugura

PM Office launched a campaign against corruption

Prishtina, 01 September 2004 - The Prime Minister’s Advisory Office for Good Governing with it

Müntefering: Final status should be resolved after elections

Prishtina, 26 August 2004 – Kosovar Media report that Franz Müntefering, Chairman of SPD party

UN to give green light for five new ministries

Prishtina, 23 August 2004 – Five new offices that function within the Prime Minister’s Offic

UNMIK and Government allocate €1 million for employment

Prishtina, 23 August 2004 – According to information broadcasted by KosovaLive news agency the

Brajshori: Houses destroyed in March riots being rebuilt

Prishtina, 23 August 2004 – The Minister of Culture, Behxhet Brajshori, who also heads the gov

Lambsdorff: It is difficult to see one year ahead

Prishtina, 2 August 2004 - The head of UNMIK Pillar 4 Nikolaus Lambsdorff expressed his hope i

Agricultural inputs exempted from VAT

Prishtina, 25 July 2004 - The Economic Fiscal Council decided to remove VAT for raw material a

Auditor and UNMIK to decide about ‘Mobikos’

Prishtina, 25 July 2004 - The tender on the second mobile operator in Kosovo is still being ‘r

The Irish arrive, Kosovo in darkness, ‘Alstom’ asks for money...

Prishtina, 22 July 2004 – In the days when the Irish Company ESBI took over KEK management and

Kosovo Assembly to harmonize constitutional changes

Prishtina, 22 July 2004 - Before going on summer vacations, the Kosovo Assembly will harmonize

BSPK: Lack of workers’ protection an extreme irresponsibility

Prishtina, 22 July 2004 - Trade Workers Union (BSPK) reacted yesterday regarding the death of

KTA Board remains without Kosovars

Prishtina, 21 July 2004 - The head of the UN Mission in Kosovo still hasn’t extended the manda

The list of companies to be privatized in the third wave

Prishtina, 15 July 2004 - The Kosovo Trust Agency has announced the privatization of these Com

KTA launches third wave of privatization tenders

Prishtina, 15 July 2004 - Today the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) officially launched a third wave

Assembly gives Kosovo a provisional constitution

Prishtina, 12 July 2004 - The Kosovo Assembly voted in last weeks’ session to support the chan

Privatization: Special spin-off for 'Ferronikeli'

Prishtina, 8 July 2004 - Ferronikeli is the first socially owned enterprise to be privatised t

Privatization restarts, third round announced

Prishtina, 03 July 2004 - After a nine months blockage of the privatization process, the Kosov

PM and US Office object the license for mobile telephony

Prishtina, 29 June 2004 – The US has objected to the award of a license for Kosovo’s second mo

Government: a reserved ‘yes’ to Lambsdorff’s proposals

Prishtina, 24 June 2004 - The Kosovo Government still doesn’t have a firm position on whethe

Lambsdorff: KTA will announce third wave of tenders

Prishtina, 24 June 2004 - UNMIK Pillar IV head Nikolaus Lambsdorff called this week on the Kos

Brayshaw and 'Quint' discuss privatization

Prishtina, 22 June 2004 - On the regular meeting of the representatives of the Western Offices

Government against, Trade Union for Lambsdorff’s proposals

Monday, 21 June 2004 - While the Head of Trade Unions Bahri Shabani agrees with three proposal

New UNMIK chief appointed

Monday, 21 June 2004 – The United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan appointed last week the

Government does not believe in Lambsdorff's promises

Prishtina, 18 June 2004 - The Government of Kosovo doesn’t believe that the visit of UNMIK’s

Reconstructed 31 % of premises damaged during March riots

Prishtina, 18 June 2004 - Last week, the working group of the Central Inter-Ministerial Commit

Privatization unblocked?

Prishtina, 16 June 2004 - According to "Koha Ditore" for the time being only UNMIK Pillar IV h

PM Rexhepi: NY is just another excuse for delays in privatization

Prishtina, 10 June 2004 - According to spokespeople of Kosovo Government and UNMIK, no one fro

Busek: Kosovo’s Europeanization is necessary

Prishtina, 10 June 2004 - Erhard Busek, coordinator of the Stability Pact for South-East Europ

Government: Brayshaw to return funds allocated to KEK

Prishtina, 7 June 2004 - The Kosovo Government has asked UNMIK deputy-chief Charles Brayshaw t

Zero rate on customs duty enters into force

Pristina, 7 June 2004 – The Regulation 2004/13 on zero customs duties on capital and intermedi

Ultimatum for privatization postponed

Prishtina, 7 June 2004 -Koha Ditore reports on the front-page that the Kosovo Government has a

Government presents a strategy to fight corruption

Prishtina, 25 May 2004 - Yesterday Kosovo Government, in cooperation with the European Agency

U.N. Administrator Harri Holkeri resigned

Helsinki, 25 May 2004 - Harri Holkeri, the top U.N. administrator in Kosovo, resigned Tuesday

PM Office: KTA has no more excuses for privatization

Prishtina, May 2004 - Koha Ditore reports on the front page that in its regular meeting, the

Busek: Kosovo to be included in Regional Processes

Prishtina, May 2004 - The special coordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe,

European Commission doesn’t want Kosovo un-integrated in EU

Prishtina, May 2004 - Koha Ditore and Zėri quote Reinhard Priebe, the head of the European Co

Privatization – a hostage of Holkeri’s hospitalization

Prishtina, May 2004 - Kosova Sot claims that that a number of attempts to unblock privatizatio

Travel to New York is an attempt to delay privatization

Prishtina, May 2004 - According to Koha Ditore, privatization process will not start for anoth

Johnson: The path that I say leads Kosovo to NATO

Prishtina, May 2004 - Admiral Gregory Johnson, NATO Commander for Southeastern Europe, declare

Patten: Investment In Kosovo Hinges On Stability

PRISTINA, 11 May 2004 - A senior E.U. official warned Kosovo's leaders Monday to stabilize the

Former Irish Foreign Minister Dick Spring to succeed Holkeri?

Prishtina, 6 May 2004 - Diplomatic sources in Brussels have told Zėri that an agreement has be

Proposals discussed, no transfer of reserved competencies

Prishtina, 6 May 2004 - Citing sources close to the international administration, Zėri reports

EU Pillar ready to transfer competencies in privatization

Prishtina, 4 Mai 2004 - EU Pillar has expressed its willingness for the transfer of competenci

Xhema, Rama pay 100,000 euros bail, Nilsson still in detention

Prishtina, 4 Mai 2004 – Kosovar media report that Leme Xhema and Bedri Rama have paid 50,000 e

KTA deputy director Szekeres suspended from duty

Prishtina, 4 Mai 2004 - Kosovar dailies report that UNMIK Pillar IV head Nikolaus Lambsdorff s

UNMIK considering transfer of further competencies

Prishtina, 29 April 2004 - UNMIK is considering the possibility of the pillars ‘to move under

No to EU mission after UNMIK

Prishtina, 28 April 2004 - The Kosovar daily "Epoka e Re" brings opinions of Kosovo political

Holkeri’s letter: Fucci must immediately leave KTA

Prishtina, 27 April 2004 - Citing information provided by reliable sources in the internation

Marie Fucci is not the only obstacle to privatization

Prishtina, 27 April 2004 - Musa Limani, professor at the Economic Faculty in Prishtina told “B

'Privatization with a local KTA'

Prishtina, 27 April 2004 - ‘What would be the flow of privatization if the chairman of the boa

New liaison offices to be opened at the beginning of May

Prishtina, 23 April 2004 - Technical problems have delayed the opening of the new offices of t

EU wants to remain out of the game on Fucci's case

Prishtina, 23 April 2004 - Referring to diplomatic sources from the European Union, Koha Ditor

The position of EU countries on Kosovo’s status?

Prishtina, 23 April 2004 – One of the most important Kosovar dailies “Koha Ditore” reports on

Issue ‘Fucci’ does not seem to be over

Prishtina, 20 April 2004 - Based on sources from UNMIK Koha Ditore reports that Fucci and Lamb

Costs of houses destroyed in riots: 12 million Euros

Prishtina, 20 April 2004 - All dailies inform about a report presented by Minister Behxhet Bra

KTA meeting canceled

Prishtina, 20 April 2004 - Kosova Sot claims that ambiguities continue throughout the blocked

Flats of Kosovo Serbs made ready for return

Prishtina, April 19 2004 - Kosovo Serbs whose city flats were torched in the riots of last mon

EU gropes for Kosovo solution

Tullamore, Ireland, April 19, 2004 - Stunned by last month's explosion of violence in Kosovo,

Privatization cannot continue if Fucci’s ideas are applied

Prishtina, 16 April 2004 - Citing international sources in Prishtina, “Koha Ditore” reports

Kosova government with six new liaison offices

Prishtina, 15 April 2004 – “Zėri” carries a front-page article saying that the opening of lia

KTA Board meeting on April 19

Prishtina, 15 April 2004 – Pillar IV officials have finally decided to call a KTA Board Meetin

Air companies pay as much taxes as kiosks

Prishtina, 15 April 2004 – Since year 2000, air companies and travel agencies have paid no mor

Reactions on Holkeri’s dismissal of Marie Fucci

Prishtina, 14 April 2004 - UNMIK chief Harri Holkeri has decided to dismiss Marie Fucci, th

Standard of economy on the shoulders of UNMIK

Prishtina, 12 April 2004 - Blockage of privatization as the most important process in Kosovo,

Tired of KTA, Americans drop out of race

Prishtina, 12 April 2004 –The postponement of the deadline for the selection of the internatio

New Criminal Codes enter force in Kosovo

Prishtina, 7 April 2004 - All Kosovar dailies report that the provisional criminal code and th

'Airport Prishtina' gains judicial independence from Serbia

Prishtina, 7 April 2004 - Citing reliable international sources “Koha Ditore” reports that fr

Fiscal Policy and Privatization can bring new riots

Prishtina, 7 April 2004 - Despite promises by the Ministry of Finance and Economy that the fis

Protests cost more than five million euros

Prishtina, 7 April 2004 - The Kosova Government expects the cost of repairing the damage that

Civilian authorities take over Prishtina's Airport

Prishtina, 5 April 2004 - UNMIK has been handed over the Airport of Prishtina by KFOR. Civilia

European Parliament adopts resolution for Kosovo

Brussels, 5 April 2004 - The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Kosovo condemning the

Government to reconstruct destroyed buildings

Prishtina, 22.03.2004 - Kosovar dailies report that the Government of Kosovo has decided t

ECIKS condemns the violence in Kosovo
Press release

Economic initiative for Kosovo
Vienna, 22.03.2004

Holkeri promulgates customs law

Prishtina, 17 March 2004 – According to different press reports, the Chief of UNMIK Harri Holk

Prishtina airport to be partially certified

Prishtina, 17 March 2004 –At the beginning of April Iceland will give a partial certification

Jakupi: “New policies of privatization - counterproductive”

Prishtina, 10 March 2004 - Considering the decision of the SRSG and Pillar IV Head to allegedl

UNMIK chief aims at unblocking privatization

Prishtina, 06 March 2004 - UNMIK chief Harri Holkeri has made four requests to UNMIK Pillar I

New draft can delay privatisation for several years

Prishtina, 05 March 2004 - There is still no sign that a final consensus between locals and in

Lambsdorff and Fucci promote Serb model of privatization

Prishtina, 2 March 2004 - For months now there has been no contact between local and internati

UNMIK: Privatisation to resume as soon as possible

Prishtina, 27 February 2004 - Referring to BBC news service, Zėri reports that the Unit

Achievements and failures of the international administration

Prishtina, 26 February 2004 - The Kosovar Daily "Zėri" carries the third part of a special s

Lambsdorff protects Fucci to save himself

Prishtina, 21 February 2004 - Kosova Sot reports that the confusion between the Kosovo Governm

KTA: new operational policies totally unacceptable

Prishtina, 20 February 2004 - The Kosovar daily Kosova Sot carries an exclusive article on t

Government not to attend KTA Board meetings

Prishtina, 14 February 2003 – The Kosovar daily “Zėri” quotes Mimoza Kusari, spokeswoman of

Customs damage Kosovo’s budget

Prishtina, 6 February 2004 - In a leading front-page article, Koha Ditore reports that a sc

The budget surplus not higher than 78 million EUR

Prishtina, 5 February 2004 - Kosovar dailies cover the budget surplus for 2003 made public by

Trepēa, Airport and KEK hope to get first international loans

Prishtina, January 31, 2004 - International financial institutions will not give long-term loa

Busek: Stability Pact – Kosovo’s path towards integration

Prishtina, January 30, 2004 - Koha Ditore has interviewed Dr. Erhard Busek, the Stability Pac

Government to decide about KEK and KPC financing

Prishtina, January 30, 2004 – The Kosovar daily “Zėri” reports that yesterday’s cabinet meeti

Privatization to be unblocked within days

Prishtina, 28 January 2004 - The KTA deputy director and local member of KTA Board, Ahmet Sha

The battle for the second mobile phone operator continues

Prishtina, 28 January 2004 - that according to a senior official in Telecommunication Regula

Albania to renegotiate free trade agreement with Kosovo

Prishtina, 27 January 2004 – The Kosovar daily Koha Ditore reports that last Tuesday the Alban

Kosovo to conclude new Free-Trade Agreements

Prishtina, December 2, 2003 - The undefined political status of Kosova is the main obstacle to

The KTA announces third privatization round

Prishina, 15 September 2003 - The Kosovo Trust Agency has announced the privatization of the f

21 new SOEs privatized in Kosovo, bringing € 24,5 million

PRISHTINA, 09 SEPTEMBER 2003 – On September 3, Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) has publicly opened

18 more enterprises in the second privatisation group
The Kosovo Trust Agency is tasked to privatise Socially Owned Enterprises in Kosovo through the meth


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