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"Post Telecom of Kosovo - the worst in Europe"

Prishtinë, Sept 27, 2005 - All Kosovo-wide TVs and dailies reported on a press conference where TRA Head, Anton Berisha, commented on reports of the European Commission regarding the Telecommunication in Kosovo.

Koha Ditore reads that a report of the European Commission on the telecommunication in Kosovo said that the PTK is the most undeveloped company, despite its highest tariffs in Europe.

TRA Head Berisha in the press conference recalled once more that Kosovo is the only place in the region which does not have a competition in mobile telephony and insisted that UNMIK should unblock the tender for a second operator for GSM services.

“For us, the second operator is legal and it can start working as of tomorrow,” said Berisha referring to “Mobitel”, the company that won the second TRA tender, which was cancelled by UNMIK.

According to Berisha, although PTK appears as being the most profitable company and as a company with the highest salaries for its managing staff, it is the most undeveloped company in Europe. He proposed to the government to urgently appoint its members to the PTK Board, so that they can be present at the processes PTK is going through.

PTK officials assess last year’s work as being successful

Unlike this, in its financial report for 2004 that was made public by the PTK, its officials say that 2004 has been a very successful year. Koha Ditore reads that the incorporation, the contract for the application of the technology of future generations, and the creation of new strategic partnerships prove that the PTK was focused on bettering the quality and services offered to their customers.

The newspaper reads that this was a statement made by PTK Managing Director, Gavin Jeffrey. While presenting the PTK annual financial report, Jeffrey said, “The report shows that there are huge changes in comparison to the previous years.”

The PTK closed its balance for 2004 with €257,515 million assets and a profit of €47,778 million.

Other successful results of last year, according to Jeffrey, were the creation of a strategic business plan for the next five years and the increase of the “Vala 900” customers from 400,000 to 700,000.

In addition, speaking about PTK achievements, Paul Nelles, Head of the PTK Board, emphasized that the incorporation was the main project, which started in 2004 and was finalized in 2005. “With this achievement, the PTK aims to widen its market this year and to create a sustainable competition,” Nelles said.

Additionally, Zeri reads that speaking about one of the biggest obstacles the PTK business faces, Jeffrey said that the Serbian mobile telephony operator “Mobtel” caused a financial loss to the company.

“The PTK and mobile telephony will lower the prices after the second mobile telephony operator started working,” said Jeffrey. According to him, competition always stimulates the market, which is reflected in lower prices.
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