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Kosovo: All scandals of UNMIK

Prishtinë, Apr 14, 2006 - There would be a scandal if the allegation about misuses at the Airport of Pristina during the time when Ioan Woollet was the manager, would be substantiated by Prosecution. It would be about hundreds of redundant workers, the sale of working positions, and even the murder of a young person involved in such a sale. The case is in the hands of international prosecutors, and they will show if the OIOS report was worth to seek responsibility from the UNMIK heads for allowing such things to happen.

Still, the affair of Ioan Woollet is not the first one, neither the heaviest scandal since the UN Mission in Kosovo began. The Organization of United Nations has turned a blind eye to all affairs in public institutions managed by internationals, despite domestic and international media reporting on them.

Agron Dida did not have much time for enjoying the return to work. He was discharged in December 1999 for “lacking cooperation”. In fact, he was dismissed for not signing the contract with Monaco Telecom. Dida had said that the offer from Siemens was financially and technically much more favorable. Gerard Fischer, whose name was mentioned in many media reports, and by investigation procedures by international prosecutors, replaced him.

Still, the SRSG of that time, Kouchner had secured Monaco Telecom and Alcatel the most profitable business they ever had. The last report from the Council of Europe proved that the services of mobile telephony were the most expensive and the poorest in the region.

In the time of Kouchner, Siegfried Brenke was the Pristina Administrator, in the time of which un-permitted construction took a boost, and many were legalized. But there was no single reaction from UNMIK or the United Nations.

While Haekkerup was Head of UNMIK in 2001, the PTK management signed contracts with the Austrian companies Infonova and Management Partners Business Solution GmbH, at the amount of €10 million or more.

These contracts were then basis for the investigation against Gerard Fischer, Deputy SRSG, Lesar Rainer, Director of Infrastructure and Telecommunications Directorate, Leme Xhema, former PTK Director, Bedri Rama, Director of PTK Telecom, whose signatures were on the contract. But, the investigation initiated in 2004 were surprisingly halted in 2005, with the justification of “the prosecutor not finding sufficient facts” to initiate the file.

Thanks to the former Head of the KTA, and the predecessor of Joachim Ruecker, Nikolas Lambsdorff, the privatization process was blocked for a full year, while no official explanation was given for this. Not a single KTA Board meeting was held for a full year. There was no reaction or report by the United Nations.

At Holkeri’s time, the former Minister of Education and Science, Rexhep Osmani, as compensation for his land in Sllatina, through which the road was foreseen to be paved towards the airport, was given land of a public enterprise in the industrial area of Pristina, which was worth at least half a million Euros more than the land in Sllatina.

During the mandate of Michael Steiner, German authorities arrested one of his fellow citizens. Joe Trutschler had admitted that he had taken €4.5 Million from the KEK cashbox and had sent them to Gibraltar, though not for personal benefit, as he had said.

“The money was parked there to be used for another need that Kosovo would have,” had said the Spokesperson for the Special Investigator of Economic Crimes in Bochum. Trutschler was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

Koha Ditore

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