Published online: 13.02.2013, 12:06
Kosovo SME Promotion Program

Category: Project
Period: October 2012 - October 2015
Donor/Client: Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) / Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)

The overall, long-term objective of this project is to contribute to the promotion of market-oriented private sector development in Kosovo and to foster global competitiveness of Kosovo’s SMEs in line with the principles of sustainable development, SME Development Strategy for Kosovo 2012-2016, and Small Business Act... more


Published online: 23.04.2012, 14:10
Promoting Economic Cooperation Between Switzerland and Kosovo

Category: Project
Period: October 2011 - September 2013
Donor/Client: Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO

Promoting Trade and Economic Cooperation between Switzerland and Kosovo in cooperation with Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Central Europe (SEC) .. more


Published online: 23.03.2012, 12:25
Regional Economic Development Project – Technical Support for small and medium businesses East Region Kosovo

Category: Project
Period: August 2011 - December 2011
Donor/Client: European Commission / CARE

Technical Support for small and medium businesses East Region Kosovo.. more


Published online: 6.05.2010, 17:08
Promotion of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) through institutional capacity development of the Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo

Category: Project
Period: November 2009 - October 2012
Donor/Client: Austrian Development Cooperation / IPAK / ECIKS

This project represents the second phase of the previous ECIKS project "Foreign Direct Investment Promotion in Kosovo", which was successfully completed in October 2009... more


Published online: 6.05.2010, 17:01
Startup Weekend Prishtina

Category: Project
Period: March 2010 - March 2011
Donor/Client: Procredit Bank / Kosovo - Young Europeans / MASHT / MEF / USAID-KPEP

The first Startup Weekend Prishtina was organised on 26-28 March 2010 in the American University of Kosovo. The event was jointly organised by ECIKS, the Austrian NGO StartVienna and the Kosovar junior enterprise UNIgroup... more


Published online: 6.05.2010, 16:23
Training Kosovo Diplomatic Staff

Category: Project
Period: October 2009
Donor/Client: USAID / KPEP

In this project financed by USAID/ KPEP, ECIKS has trained the future diplomatic staff of Kosovo in promoting foreign investments... more


Published online: 6.05.2010, 16:11
Kosovo Migrants in Austria

Category: Study
Period: 2009
Donor/Client: IASCI

In this study ECIKS has interviewed over 600 kosovar migrants living in Austria... more


Published online: 1.11.2006, 22:30
Foreign Direct Investment Promotion in Kosovo

Category: Project
Period: November 2006 - November 2009
Donor/Client: Austrian Development Agency (ADA) / Kosovo Government

Within this project proposed by ECIKS and financed by ADA, ECIKS represents the Investment promotion Agency of Kosovo (IPAK) in the German-speaking countries... more


Published online: 24.10.2008, 12:43
Developing National FDI Strategy of Kosovo

Category: Project
Period: October 2008 - ongoing
Donor/Client: FIAS (World Bank) / Kosovo Government

Within this project ECIKS is coordinating activities with FIAS (World Bank Group) and Kosovo Government and is contributing with its inputs to the development and implementation of Kosovo's first national FDI strategy... more


Published online: 18.12.2008, 10:22
Investor Perceptions Study

Category: Study
Period: December 2008 - August 2009
Donor/Client: FIAS / IIWB (World Bank)

ECIKS contributed to this FIAS/IIWB (World Bank Group) study with desk and field research, and drafting... more


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  In cooperation with its international and local partners ECIKS provides its institutional and business clients, in particular foreign investors, with outstanding services tailored to their needs. With its experience and partners, ECIKS is in unique position to do so… more  
  Within a project financed by ADA, ECIKS has opened and manages the Office of Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo in Vienna. The office is the first official representation of Kosovo abroad and it offers free-of-charge services for potential investors... more  
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