Our mission is to support the economic development of Kosovo by promoting and facilitating foreign investments, supporting the SME-Sector and developing economic policies and strategies for Kosovo.
Leading and most reliable organisation in promoting and facilitating foreign investments in Kosovo. An acknowledged partner of Kosovar and foreign institutions in researching and developing economic policies and strategies for Kosovo.
We are a non-for-profit organisation founded in April 2003 in Vienna, Austria. Our main goal is to support a sustainable long-term economic development of Kosovo and the regional economic cooperation. We aim at providing our clients with high quality services and at supporting the creation of a better economic, business and investment environment in Kosovo.

In doing this, we closely cooperate with institutions and organisations that follow similar goals and we act both independently or within donor-funded projects.
ECIKS is a focussed, proactive, well-organized and client-service oriented organisation.

It's our people who make the difference
Our people are our most valuable asset. They are graduates of the Europe’s respected universities. Their educational and professional backgrounds, their in-depth knowledge of the values and beliefs of the Western and local culture, combined with their high motivation, ensure highest professional performance standards.

We foster our people’s development in a way that enhances their value to our clients, to themselves and to our organisation. We help them realize their full potential.

It’s our corporate culture that backs us
Seriousness, confidentiality, personal commitment and professional care characterise our cooperation with all stakeholders. ECIKS is driven by creativity, team work and trust between its members. New ideas are appreciated and welcomed but critically discussed.

New staff members that join ECIKS are expected to be resolute and willing to contribute to the success of the organisation.

ECIKS’ main values rely on full identification of its staff with the mission and vision, their commitment, supportive and co-operative working culture, and high intrinsic motivation.

#Formula of our success
We are committed to three core values: service excellence, partnership, and entrepreneurship.

Service Excellence
Comprehensive and creative services, analysis, strategies, reliable and pragmatic solutions are the brand of our work, ensuring service excellence for our clients.

Strict quality control during and after every project ensures that all our deliverables meet the standards of excellence. We are satisfied, only when our clients are satisfied.

The success of our clients and partners is of utmost importance to us. We dedicate all our energy to accomplish this one goal. We are fully aware that this demands absolute professionalism, reliability, confidentiality and honesty. We see our clients and staff members as a joint team and as such, this makes partnership to one of our leading core values.

To us, entrepreneurship is above all about business success and about the readiness to take action and responsibility in order to achieve it. That means working independently, taking risks, and exploring alternative ideas.

We help top-level decision-makers in economy, business and politics to act as entrepreneurs as we consider ourselves to be a network of such. As a trusted independent partner, we are uniquely positioned to provide objective input and support.

Since its foundation in 2003, ECIKS is working hard to support a long-term and sustainable economic growth in Kosovo by stimulating foreign investments and providing specific services to its clients. We are continuously engaged in activities towards promoting Kosovo as a secure and reliable place for foreign investments, in organising numerous events, publishing promotional materials, offering tailored services to foreign potential and existing investors in Kosovo, in publishing news and analysis on the economic and business developments in Kosovo, and in working closely with partner organisations.

From a small organisation founded by a group of Kosovar then-students in Vienna, ECIKS has grown to a reliable and long-standing partner of the business community. It now represents a serious partner of some European governments and international institutions, such as the World Bank, Austrian Development Agency, Vienna Economic Forum etc.

Since November 2006, within a project proposed by ECIKS and financed by Austrian Government through Austrian Development Agency, ECIKS officially represents the Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo (IPAK) in the German-speaking countries. This office is at the same time the first official economic representation of Kosovo abroad. ECIKS is now a leader in servicing potential and existing foreign investors in Kosovo.

#Our code of conduct
Our code of conduct shows our common understanding of quality and performance; it represents the guiding principles that underlie our vision and mission:

o We are committed to follow success and quality criteria
o Our success depends on the full commitment of all our staff
o We respect all people we work with across all hierarchical levels.
o We support our business clients in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage that leads to growth, returns, stakeholder and shareholder value
o We support our institutional clients and partners in achieving superior performance and in creating a sustainable economic, business and investment environment
o We develop creative strategies and economic policies that support the economic development of Kosovo and provide advice on their implementation based on our outstanding competence
o We differentiate ourselves by our competence and creativity, combined with regional and local market knowledge
o We are an independent organisation – from a political, professional and business point of view
o Quality and innovation make all the difference to our clients
o Motivation ensures our performance
o Our reliability and confidentiality makes our clients appreciate and trust us
o Our professional principles have shaped the successful development of our organisation since its foundation in 2003 and will remain the basis for future achievement.

The highest professional standards of ECIKS are based on:

o Professional care
o Confidentiality
o Personal commitment
o Respectful behaviour
o Ethical standards
o Reciprocal support
o Compliance with laws and regulations
o IT Usage
o Protection of environment

  In cooperation with its international and local partners ECIKS provides its institutional and business clients, in particular foreign investors, with outstanding services tailored to their needs. With its experience and partners, ECIKS is in unique position to do so… more  
  Within a project financed by ADA, ECIKS has opened and manages the Office of Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo in Vienna. The office is the first official representation of Kosovo abroad and it offers free-of-charge services for potential investors... more  
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