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Kosovo: Further complaints regarding mobile telephony tender

Prishtinė, 26 Feb, 2007 - The Austrian company, Mobilkom, has filed one more complaint against the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA). The representative of Mobilkom Austria, Edmond Kėrliu, stated that TRA made big mistakes in calculating the points during the bids’ evaluation. This is the third complaint Mobilkom is addressing to the TRA, asserting the irregularities in the tendering procedure.

According to Mobilkom, the criterion for the price has not been transparent and preferred bidders lack the necessary qualification. Mobilkom representatives are convinced that the formula selected for evaluating the offers has not justly reflected the relative difference in the price, but has effectively given more importance to the criteria of the price than the foreseen 30%, reported the Kosovar daily Lajm.

Other Kosovar dailies say that also the representatives of the consortium Kosmocell and Capital Management, who were first declared winners, and than disqualified for not fulfilling the obligations towards the TRA, will demand explanations from TRA through the UNMIK Legal Office. The TRA, according to them, has hurried in announcing the second winner of mobile telephony tender. The consortium has, reportedly, been officially informed on the results only on 8th February, whereas the announcement of the winner was made public on the 6th February. Hence, the company should have had two more days’ time to pay for the license.

“It is true that they were officially informed on 8th of February, but they were informed through our web-page and the media that they have been announced winner of the tender. If they were interested, they would have accomplished their financial obligations," said TRA Head, Anton Berisha.

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