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Kosovo: KTA announced 17th Privatisation Round

Prishtinė, 27.06.2006.- The Kosovo Trust Agency has announced today in Prishtina dhe 17th round of privatisation. Following companies (NewCos) will be privatised in the 17th privatisation round in kosovo:

NewCo Farm Rzhane/Rzane AC 23 Nėntori L.L.C. - includes 13 parcels of land covering in total about 3 099 201 m² . The land is in the village of Rrzhanė/Ržane in Mitrovicė/a municipality.

NewCo Ēyēavica Shops Obiliq/Obilić L.L.C. - includes a site with a total surface area of about 563m 2 (5are 63m 2), with two shops and garage covering an area of about 183m 2 (1are 83m 2). The site is in the very centre of Obiliq/Obilić town.

NewCo Radusha Sawmill L.L.C. - offers a landholding of about 70 are and buildings with about 250 m² of floor space located in the industrial zone of Istog/Istok town. Machinery and the buildings needed to restarts its former business activity of cutting wood will be included.

NewCo AC Burimi Vrellė/Vrelo L.L.C. - includes a single compound of about 37 are located in the village of Vrellė/Vrela, on the road to Istog/Istok.Also included in this tender are premises that hosted the Enterprise’ commercial activities.

NewCo Malishgan Hazel Plantation L.L.C. - tenders about 106 ha of land in Klinė/Klina municipality. About half of the land is planted with hazel trees, about 1/5 with cherry trees, while the remaining land is suitable for agricultural use.

NewCo Elmont L.L.C. - includes an administrational building with about 150 .m² floor space. It is located on a site of about 12 are in the centre of Pejė/Peć. The site is located near railway station and can host different commercial activities.

NewCo Hidromont L.L.C. - includes a landholding of about 12 are in a commercially interesting zone, near the railway station in Pejė/Peć . A warehouse that is located on the tendered premises is partially destroyed.

NewCo Ramiz Sadiku Istog/Istok L.L.C. - offers factory buildings with about 3,800 m 2 surface area on about 4 ha of land in Istog/Istok. No moveable equipment is tendered.

NewCo Agricultural Land Rakosh L.L.C. - provides investors with the opportunity to acquire about 170 ha of fertile agricultural land. The landholding is located near Istog/Istok.

NewCo Supermarket Agimi L.L.C. - offers retail space in a supermarket with a total surface area of 340 m 2. It is located on a site of about 5 are in the city of Gjakovė/ Đakovica.

NewCo Dollovė/Dolovo L.L.C. - offers about 125 ha of farmland that enables the cultivation of various crops. No premises or moveable assets are included.

NewCo Ferma e shpezėve Ereniku L.L.C. - is located in Rezinė village, Gjakovė/Djakovica Municipality. NewCO Ferma e shpezeve Ereniku L.L.C. is operating with 8 farm buildings, warehouse, restaurant and administration building, offering approximately 57500m² (05.75, 00 hectares) of land. This tender provides an investor with the opportunity to further develop poultry farming in Gjakovė/Djakovica and Pejė/Pec region area.

NewCo 1 Maji Rahovec/Orahovac Administration Building L.L.C. - includes an office building and a yard with a total surface of approximately 03 ares 28 m², located in the center of Rahovec/Orahovac.

NewCo 1 Maji Xerxė/Zerze Marble and Concrete L.L.C. - includes a production site with a total surface of approximately 55 hectare 04 ares 42 m² located in Xerxė/Zerze. The Subsidiary includes the productive assets to produce marble, concrete and concrete products (concrete pillar for vineyard, conc. blocks etc). It also includes the possibility to extract gravel from the river Drini i Bardhė.

NewCo Kinemaja e Qytetit Ferizaj L.L.C. - the main business of the Subsidiary is showing of commercial films in its auditorium with 362 seats. Also the auditorium can be used for different activities like presentations, party meetings, election campaigns, basic education, technical – professional education, various shows and competition etc. Subsidiary’s real estate comprises of the cinema building with appoximately land area of 720 m² (7 ari 20 m²) while covered area – building consist of 559 m² and rest – yard 126 m², located at the centre of Ferizaj/Uroševac town.

NewCo Universiteti i Punėtorėve Ferizaj L.L.C. - this building has most recently been used as an art gallery ***** museum, which attracted many tourists/visitors interested in the art and history of Ferizaj and surrounding region. The ground floor part of the building has most recently been used as bank branch – a purpose for which it is ideal, due to its centre of town location, layout and access to the main street. The building incorporates a pleasant park area in front, which enhances its value. The Universiteti i Punėtorėve Ferizaj real estate comprises of 645 m² (6 ari 45 m²) of the total building area of 400 m², rest - yard 434 m², located at the centre of Ferizaj/Uroševac town.

NewCo Qarkullimi Administration & Yard L.L.C. - the main assets of this Subsidiary comprise real estate property located close to, and easily accessible to the centre of Gjilan/Gnjilane town. The total area of Subsidiary is approximately 14,322 m². Covered area (sheds, warehouses in varying levels of repair) - 12922 m².

NewCo Qarkullimi Supermarket L.L.C. - the main assets of this Subsidiary comprise building and shop fittings. The total covered area included is 209 m².

NewCo Agriculture Land in Elezaj L.L.C. - the tender presents opportunity to acquire a valuable land holding of 530,000 m² (53 ha 84 are 00 m²) in an area, which has good agricultural and commercial development potential. The NewCo land is located about 500 metres from the Prishtinė / Skopje highway near the village of Elezaj.

NewCo Qėndresa Shopping Mall L.L.C. - the main business of the Subsidiary is offering of commercial space to a number of shops and outlets that sell a wide variety of products in the centre of Kamenicė/Kamenica. Subsidiary’s real estate comprises of a property located in the very centre of Kamenicė/Kamenica town. The total floor space of the Subsidiary is approx. 922 m² (9 are 22 m 2), divided into two floors and situated on approx. 5276m² (52 are 76 m2) of land. The building was constructed in 1987 and is believed to be in good condition.

NewCo Animal Feed Factory L.L.C. - offers a land plot with a total area of approx. 14762 m² and several buildings with a total surface of approx. 9455 m². The buildings include the Old Factory, the New Factory, a hangar, a store, several silos, a laboratory and a barrack. The premises are strategically located in the center of Fushė Kosovė/Kosovo Polje, behind the municipal building. The Subsidiary has access to the main road and can be easily connected to the railway network.

NewCo Drithnaja - Dardania L.L.C. - consists of a land plot of approx. 9 are including a two floor building which has a surface of approx. 300 m². The premises offered for sale are strategically located in a much frequented area of Dardania. This quarter is developing quickly and any business located in this area has a high potential to be successful.

NewCo Magjistrala Carralevė L.L.C. - provides the opportunity to acquire a land plot of approx. 16716 m² in Carralevė/Cronljevo. The unit has all the equipment to maintain roads, clear the roads from snow, repair street lights, to process asphalt etc.

NewCo Anamorava Warehouse L.L.C. - the main assets of this Subsidiary comprise a warehouse compound located close to the centre of Gjilan/Gnjilane town. The total land including the buildings to be allocated to this Subsidiary is approximately 12,020 m². The warehouse is in a very good condition and covers approximately 752 m².

NewCo Fertrans L.L.C. - is a long established freight and haulage company with valuable customer relationships and a high reputation. It operates a fleet of heavy goods vehicles and tanker trailers from a site on the edge of Ferizaj with an area of about 15,000 m². There are also buildings (repair shop, storage etc.) with an area of just over 500 m².

NewCo Moravamont L.L.C. - is a factory of prefabricated concrete components for construction purposes. The Subsidiary produces and assembles high construction components using prefabricated concrete system “Vemont”. This system has been designed for the erection of industrial halls, storehouses, public buildings, shopping centres, houses and gymnastic halls up to 11 meters high. The Subsidiary also produces and assembles high construction prefabricated concrete components for apartment buildings. The factory covers a total area of approximately 63,712 m². This figure includes all physical structures and unused land surrounding the premises..

NewCo Bujqėsia/Babimoc L.L.C. - the Enterprise has been historically cultivating arable/oil crops ;winter wheat, barley, sunflower oil seed rape, and last years is one of the biggest supplier with barley for Peja brewery.

NewCo Kosovashped Dardania L.L.C. - located right next to the headquarters of PTK in Prishtinė/Pristina has 204.98 m² shopping store as well as a garage near by.

Last Day for Pre-qualification is: 30 August 2006
The Day for submitting bids is: 06 September 2006

NewCos to be privatised through Special Spin-Off

NewCo Bauxite Mine L.L.C. - bauxite operations were initiated in 1966 and have exploited a series of bauxitic lenses with overlying limestone which occur in the area of Klina. The bauxite resources have been mined from a series of open pits, and traditionally were trucked approximately 3 km to an open storage area where they were subsequently loaded into railcars. Ore reserves (using the A, B, C1 socialist categorization) are in the region of 1.7 million tones of bauxite grading between 46.7 and 52%. Resources (c2, D, indicated0 are in the region of 4 million tones of bauxite. Associated limestone overburden totals approximately 40 million tones. This limestone sufficiently pure to traditionally be sold to the Trepca and Feronikeli smelters.

Last Day for Pre-qualification is: 30 August 2006
The Day for submitting first bids is: 06 September 2006
The Day for submitting second bids is: 13 September 2006

For additional information contact Kosovo Trust Agency at http://www.kta-kosovo.org .

ECIKS / Kosovo Trust Agency
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