20.01.2011, 19:39
The competition for the privatization of Distribution still open

The opportunity to join the competition for the privatization of the Company for the Distribution and Supply of Electric Energy (KEDS) is still available, writes newspaper Koha Ditore today. Besides the companies that have declared interest to privatize KEDS, the competition is open for other companies as well. Ilir Shala, the manager of the project for the Privatization of Distribution and Supply of Electric Energy, said that the phase of declaration of interest is over, and on January 25th these companies will be invited to initiate the phase of pre-qualification.

“The invitation for pre-qualification will be announced on January 25th, whereas in newspapers such as ‘The Economist’ and ‘Financial Times’ it will be done on January 27th and will be open for 40 business days. Afterwards, companies that fulfill the minimal technical and financial requirements to partake in the tender of privatization will be selected,” said Shala. “In the phase of pre-qualification, different companies can join in the competition for the privatization of KEDS. We now have 6 companies that have declared interest, but during this phase other companies can take part as well. At this point we will increase the advertising efforts for the privatization of distribution and supply in a manner that attracts companies which are serious and can successfully accomplish this project.” According to the agenda, Shala said that the company which will privatize KEDS will be known in July.

In the description of KEDS, which was written after the declaration of interest, it is said that KEDS will be the only company of distribution in the country operating with a network of around 11,870 km for the system of low voltage and 7,028 km for medium voltage. The base of consumers will be around 400,000, whereas the annual volume of electric energy at the level of distribution will be around 4,570 GWh, supplied according to a regulated framework.

The Committee of Privatization, founded by the Government, is responsible for the project and will undertake all the necessary steps to assure the accomplishment of the project in line with the objectives of the Government. In general, it oversees the time of the implementation as well as the transparency. KP has competencies to establish policies and secure coordination between ministries during all the phases of the project. This committee is chaired by the Minister of Economy and Finance, whereas it consists of these members: Minister of Energy and Mines, Minister of Environment and Urban Planning, Minister of Work and Social Welfare, and Minister of Trade and Industry. The Government of Kosovo has resigned so this committee is currently not functional and is expected to resume work after the new government is formed.

Koha Ditore



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