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Kosovo economy experts debate over Development Plan 2007-2013

Prishtinë, 14 Jul, 2006 - The Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and Kosovo Business Alliance organized a conference on the Strategy and Development Plan of Kosovo for 2007-2013.

Representatives of the business community and of the civil society said that their suggestions should be taken into account in regards to the Kosovo Development Plan. The President of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Besim Beqaj, said a great part of the prepared documents for the development strategy are wishes rather than reality. “It is our responsibility to provide a plan in order for investments to be made in a coordinated manner,” said Beqaj.

Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Behxhet Brajshori, said the ministry is working on the reformation of spending public funds. “It is important to determine the financial resources and we will be very careful in this regard,” said Brajshori.

Flamur Keqa from the KCC presented the Economic Analysis 1999-2005. According to the analysis, there were no changes in terms of revenues, employment and poverty rate in Kosovo during this period.

According to the conference attendees, the undefined status of Kosovo, weak infrastructure and energy instability, limited budget, non-implementation of laws, corruption and social crisis are some of the difficulties Kosovo is facing.



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