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ECIKS condemns the violence in Kosovo

Press release

Economic initiative for Kosovo
Vienna, 22.03.2004

ECIKS condemns the violence in Kosovo

Economic Initiative for Kosovo (ECIKS) condemns the last outbreak of violence in Kosovo. Ethnic violence and attacks on religious monuments, both in Kosovo and Serbia, are unacceptable and criminal.

ECIKS regrets loss of life and expresses it's deepest sympathy for the families of victims.

Violence and attacks on KFOR, KPS and UNMIK police damage the interests of Kosovo and are in total opposition to the aspirations of Kosovo's people.

The perpetrated violence did also a great damage to Kosovar economy and to Kosovo's international economic relations.

Economic Initiative for Kosovo considers the difficult economic and social situation as well as the prolongation of the final solution for the status of Kosovo to be the main reasons for the outbreak of violence. There can be no sustainable economic and social development and political stability without the final solution of Kosovo's status.

ECIKS highly appreciates the engagement of Kosovar Institutions, particularly the engagement of Kosovo's Government in putting an end to the violence. The allocation of funds from the Kosovar Government for immediate restoration of buildings and monuments destroyed during the last days shows the sincere commitment of the Government in normalizing the situation.

ECIKS also appreciates the contribution of the international community for returning the calm to Kosovo and for it's long-term commitment to the future of Kosovo.

We invite the regional and international media to maintain the ethics of journalism and to contribute to the normalization by correct and fair-minded reporting.

ECIKS also invites potential foreign investors to keep their faith in Kosovo's future and not to pull back from Kosovo.



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