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KTA: new operational policies totally unacceptable

Prishtina, 20 February 2004 - The Kosovar daily Kosova Sot carries an exclusive article on the alleged danger of the new operational policies in the KTA, saying that the local institutions have already realized that the instructions of the Serbian Government have replaced the proposals consensus between the Kosovo Government and UNMIK.

The head of the KTA Board, Lambsdorff has denied this saying these are instructions from the Legal Office in New York, and they should not be opposed by local representatives in KTA.

Prompted by the desire to prevent the ‘worst’ that is threatening privatization, and Kosovar economy in general, Shala and Johnson have taken an initiative to raise awareness among the local members of the KTA that drafting these operational policies is totally unacceptable.

‘People who have made the changes are not ready to professionally debate the issue,’ said Ahmet Shala, deputy manager of KTA.



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