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Lyon: Kosovo's independence - a finished job

Prishtina, April 21, 2005 The Head of the International Crises Group (ICG) in Belgrade, James Lyon, said in a short interview with KosovaLive that the independence for Kosovo is a finished job and that the Belgrade authorities know it since a long time.

Lyon emphasized that the US and the EU have decided long time ago in favor of independence, but it was not defined yet what kind of independence it will be.

"Kosovo's future status is known. Belgrade can accept it, although it does not need to. It would be better if they accept the new reality and take part in the negotiations for definition of independence when and how it will be implemented. If Belgrade has a positive approach to the issue of independence and sends real negotiators, it could better defend the interest of Serbs in Kosovo. The Serb authorities know for a long time now that the independence is a finished job," he said.

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