5.03.2013, 15:33
ECIKS successfully ends the IPAK Vienna Project

From November 2006, ECIKS has been officially representing the Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo (IPAK) in the German-speaking countries with the close support of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). This has also been the first official economic representation of Kosovo abroad. After 6 years of a successful implementation, the IPAK-Vienna project has now reached its end as was initially planned.

Thanks to the support provided by the Austrian government, the project has been able to serve a significant number of potential and existing investors in Kosovo. In total, 25 investment projects have been implemented, bringing over 50 million EUR of FDI and directly and indirectly creating over 1,000 new jobs. Over 50 promotional events have been organized and co-organized throughout Europe and in the United States and over 20 different promotional brochures, sectorial studies, newsletters, success stories and reports have been published.

IPAK has been supported through capacity building measures to become a professional and well-managed institution in line with international best practices. The project has developed a Client Management Relationship System to create an institutional memory and a performance measurement system on behalf of IPAK. The project has also contributed to drafting the first national FDI strategy which is being implemented by the Government of Kosovo and has created among others a database of investment locations and projects in Kosovo.

In March 2013 the promotional activities of IPAK-Vienna have been handed over to the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Vienna. This corresponds to the project plan for the handover of activities to the beneficiary as soon as the necessary institutional capacities have been reached.

Due to the efforts of the project and substantial support of the ADC, the Republic of Kosovo and the Ministry of Trade and Industry are now fully capable to take over the promotional activities. The main contact for investment issues in the German-speaking countries will now be the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Vienna (E-Mail: [email protected], Tel.: +43 (0)1 503 11 77).

ECIKS will continue to support the economic development in Kosovo, be it by facilitating FDIs or contributing to the development of the private sector.

We want to thank you all for the cooperation.

Best regards
ECIKS/IPAK-Vienna Team



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