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Lambsdorff: It is difficult to see one year ahead

Prishtina, 2 August 2004 - The head of UNMIK Pillar 4 Nikolaus Lambsdorff expressed his hope in an interview to Kosovalive that the process of privatization will not be blocked again because some procedures regarding the process of privatization have been improved. However, he added, he is not a prophet and that he did not know what would happen in the future. “Restructuring of public enterprises is being done in order for the economy to have better electricity, water and telecommunication services, and to achieve their self sustainability and to put their income under control”, said Lambsdorff.

Lambsdorff went on to say that it is still too early to talk about whether there is an interest shown in buying social enterprises put on sale in the third round, although some businessmen were interested in buying “Ferronikeli” one and a half years ago.

According to Kosovar Daily “Epoka e Re” Lambsdorff is occupying fours posts; deputy administrator for economy and reconstruction, head of UNMIK Pillar 4 dealing with economic and financial issues, EU ambassador to Kosovo and the head the KTA Board.



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