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Auditor and UNMIK to decide about ‘Mobikos’

Prishtina, 25 July 2004 - The tender on the second mobile operator in Kosovo is still being ‘reviewed’ by UNMIK, Kosova Sot reported.

“UNMIK is one more time reviewing the procurement procedure for the second mobile operator in Kosovo. So is the Auditor General,” the paper quotes UNMIK spokeswoman Mechthild Henneke as saying. According to her it is still not known when we can expect the final results of the review commission.

Although it’s been two weeks since the decision for the winner has been suspended, the paper claims that UNMIK is still not showing where the review has gone, and it cannot confirm the date when we can expect the final results. On the other hand, officials of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority stand behind their position that the winner has been announced based on the best offer by the competitors.



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