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Kosovo sells in 13th wave of privatization 15 companies

Prishtinë, May 04, 2006 – KTA has opened the bids for the 13th wave of the privatization process. 69 bids for 18 SOEs were tendered during this wave and resulted in the establishment of 24 NewCos. According to KTA Board members, privatization represents hope for economic development in Kosovo and this process is fair and transparent.

“During the last Kosovo Assembly meeting, Kosovo institutions expressed their support regarding the continuation of the privatization process,” said Minister of Trade and Industry Bujar Dugolli.

Meanwhile, TV21 quotes Head of UNMIK Pillar IV Joachim Ruecker as saying: “The fact that the process is going well and the KTA fund rose for € 45 million due to the sale of Ferronikeli and Ramiz Sadiku, is quite important. The money was paid in time.” SOE “Kosovo Vera” withdrew from the tendering process due to property disputes. The highest bid price was offered for the agricultural land NewCO Ferma Miradi e Eperme LLC, amounting to € 1 million. NewCo Pain Factory Extra LL.C was sold for € 458,830.

Approximately 500 SOEs are present in Kosovo. Half of them have been privatized. Sixteen SOEs have found their provisional owners on Wednesday, when KTA opened the bids for the 13th round of privatization. Three of the enterprises on sale have attracted less than three offers and the KTA Board will decide whether these will be sold to temporary purchasers or retendered.

The enterprise sold for the highest price was the Farm in Upper Miradi sold for € 1.01 million. The bidder with the code name P21 came in second with the amount of € 622,222. It is believed that P41 stands for the Slovenian Tinex Company, which deals with metallic industry and agro-business. This company’s representative in Kosovo told the paper that this company would be a center of agro-business in Kosovo.

This enterprise attracted twelve bids. NewCo "KosovaShped" Dardania attracted two offers only and according to KTA deputy director Ahmet Shala, it is up to the Board to decide if it will proceed with bidder P33, who offered €198.8 thousand. "KosovaShped", located at the Industrial Area attracted five offers, the highest of which was codename P35, amounting to €655.000. Bids were opened also for "KosovaShped" SHPK, Color Factory "Extra", "KosovaControl", Agriculture in Babimoc, Mushroom and Forest Fruit Processing Factory, "Aromatik", "Metalografika", "16 Qershori" Supermarket, "Klina Premix", etc.

Due to problems with cadastre papers, "Kosova Vera" could not be prepared for privatization in this round.

Head of UNMIK Pillar IV, Joachim Ruecker, and Minister of Trade and Industry, Bujar Dugolli, were present at the bid opening. Ruecker evaluated last week as very productive for KTA due to the conclusion of numerous sales and payment for SOE "Ramiz Sadiku" and "Ferronikeli", reported Koha Ditore.



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