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Busek: Neither reintegration in Serbia nor direct independence for Kosovo

Prishtinë, 16 Feb 2005 - The Stability Pact Coordinator for South-East Europe, Erhard Busek, gave an interview to the German Netzeitung, commenting on future status of Kosovo.
Asked to comment on future talks for Kosovo’s status, Busek was quoted as saying, ‘There will be neither reintegration in Serbia nor direct independence for Kosovo. What comes to mind is a gradual growing autonomy for Kosovo within the
international protectorate.’

Commenting on the cooperation of various factors/structures in Kosovo, including EU, NATO and OSCE, Busek said that the cooperation could be better. ‘The aim should be the europeanization of Kosovo, even in Europe this wish is not so big. Nonetheless, I believe that this is inevitable because Kosovo is in Europe,’ Busek concluded.



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