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10 April 2014

Joint task force for illegal constructions in Pristina

Prishtina, 07.04.2014 - The municipality of Pristina and the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning will soon set up a joint task force that will address the issue of illegal constructions in the city.

The agreement was reached in today’s meeting between Pristina mayor Shpend Ahmeti and Minister Dardan Gashi. Ahmeti said the task force would have concrete terms of reference. “There are several laws in force and there is ambiguity in the municipality with regards to regulation plans and the municipal development plan. The development plan has been adopted by the ministry, but we have regulation plans that oppose the development plan,” Ahmeti said.

Minister Gashi said the task force would produce its first results very soon. “The same goes for the waste-site; the decision on this will be made soon. There will be financial assistance from the government. Licenses will be issued. I also believe that we will soon inaugurate a new park downtown,” Gashi added.

Gashi also said that, “we will be able to resolve some problems that couldn’t have been solved before, namely the chaos that has been inherited from the previous local government” as long as there is good cooperation with the Pristina municipality.

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