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Government does not believe in Lambsdorff's promises

Prishtina, 18 June 2004 - The Government of Kosovo doesn’t believe that the visit of UNMIK’s delegation to New York will show results in unblocking the process of privatization, despite the optimistic statements made by Pillar IV head Nikolaus Lambsdorff. Koha Ditore reports.

“This is the fourth time that Lambsdorff says privatization will continue. Therefore, the Government is taking his latest statements with a dose of skepticism. The circumstances are not promising,” said Mimoza Kusari, spokeswoman for the Kosovo Government.

The parliamentary group of PDK sent a letter to the Kosovo Assembly insisting on sending a letter to UN Security Council asking them to recognize the Government of Kosovo as the sole owner of public and social property and to deny the right of Serbs over the property in Kosovo and to annul all Serbian laws adopted after March 22, 1999.

Few days ago the Government of Kosovo took into account the results of the latest visit by the UNMIK and Pillar IV delegation to New York about the process of privatization. According to the spokeswoman of the government, Mimoza Kusari, that privatization was also the main topic of the last government session.

‘We are quite sceptical about Lambsdorff’s statement that there is something new in unblocking privatization, but nonetheless the government and the ministers will be the ones who will evaluate the results,’ added Kusari.



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