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27 May 2011

“Kelkos Energy” to build hydro power plants in Kosovo

“Kelkos Energy” plans to build new electric energy generators using water with a capacity of 57.8 megawatts. These capacities will be generated in five different units which will be located in different place in the region of Peja, Northwest of Kosovo. In location “Kuqishta,” the installed unit will have a capacity of 4.7 MW, in “Drelaj I” 4.3 MW, and in “Drelaj II” 11.6 MW. Another one will be built in location “Sthupeq” as well as “Rugova” with capacities of 11.6 MW and 31.8 MW respectively. In total, the capacity is expected to be 57.8 megawatts.

The Energy Regulatory Office of Kosovo has given “Kelkos Energy” the preliminary authorisation to begin the construction of electric energy generating capacities using water. However, the preliminary decision doesn’t grant the company the right to continue the construction without fulfilling the necessary requirements.

“Kelkos Energy” has around 65 hydro power plants under its management in Europe. In February, 2011, the same company was given the authorization to build three hydro power plants in Strait of Decan, more exactly along the river Lumbardh.

“Kelkos Energy,” which has a bank guarantee at the value of 400 million Euro for the construction of three hydro power plants in the Strait of Decan, “Lumbardhi II”, “Belleja” and “Decani”, will invest over 55 million Euro. In meantime, the generating capacities will reach 23 megawatts.

“Kelkos Energy” is registered in Kosovo, whereas its main activity is the production and distribution of electric energy. In Kosovo Business Registration Agency, owners of this company are “Lumbardhi/Kosovo Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH.”

ECIKS / Koha Ditore
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