Rreth Nesh

  • Our code of conduct

    Our code of conduct shows our common understanding of quality and performance; it represents the guiding principles that underlie our vision and mission:

    • We are committed to follow success and quality criteria
    • Our success depends on the full commitment of all our staff
    • We respect all people we work with across all hierarchical levels.
    • We support our business clients in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage that leads to growth, returns, stakeholder and shareholder value
    • We support our institutional clients and partners in achieving superior performance and in creating a sustainable economic, business and investment environment
    • We develop creative strategies and economic policies that support the economic development of Kosovo and provide advice on their implementation based on our outstanding competence
    • We differentiate ourselves by our competence and creativity, combined with regional and local market knowledge
    • We are an independent organisation – from a political, professional and business point of view
    • Quality and innovation make all the difference to our clients
    • Motivation ensures our performance
    • Our reliability and confidentiality makes our clients appreciate and trust us 
    • Our professional principles have shaped the successful development of our organisation since its foundation in 2003 and will remain the basis for future achievement.

    The highest professional standards of ECIKS are based on:

    • Professional care
    • Confidentiality
    • Personal commitment
    • Respectful behaviour
    • Ethical standards
    • Reciprocal support
    • Compliance with laws and regulations
    • IT Usage
    • Protection of environment