Investing in Kosovo


Road network:
The road network consisting of 630 km of main roads has been rebuilt to a high extent in the past years or built from scratch respectively. With the planed construction of the highway to Albania, Kosovo is becoming an important point in connecting the Adriatic Sea with the Western Europe.

Combined length of 330 km. It covers the entire territory, connecting both the south with north and east with west.

Air transportation:
Prishtina International Airport (PIA) is, with over 1 million passengers per year, one of the most frequented airports of the region. It serves different international airway lines and offers flights to the most important European centres. Prishtina Airport was the first and only airport to offer direct connection to New York (USA) starting from 2007. In June 2006, the airport was awarded the ‘Best Airport 2006 Award’ in the category of 1 million passengers per year’. In February 2007 the Government of Kosovo gave the green light for starting the procedures on granting a concession on the Prishtina International Airport.