17Setting up a business in the country

Businesses operating in Kosovo must be registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Business Registration Agency (www.arbk.org).

Registering a business in Kosovo is both simple and inexpensive. The cost of registration is 5 Euro for a personal business and 20 Euro for all other forms of business entities.

All business and trade names are listed with the Kosovo Business registration Agency and the basic information regarding registered companies can be transparently and freely accessed in the Internet.

Five procedures are required to start a business in Kosovo:

Step 1 Deposit the required minimum
Step 2 Procurement of any other documents obligatory under local law
Step 3 Payment of registration fees payable to the Business Registration Agency
Step 4 Registration with the Business Registration Agency
Step 5 Register the company for the specific taxes (www.atk-ks.org)

With only five procedures to start a business, Kosovo compares well with other South East Europe countries. The average time (days) spent in completing the five procedures for starting a business, namely 23 days, is also a very good average for the region.

In addition to the speed with which businesses are able to enter the market, Kosovo can also outperform most other former Yugoslav republics with its ability to allow businesses to leave the market. With less then a year needed to close the business and the cost limited to only 18 % of estate, Kosovo has the most liberal business regulating legal framework in the region.


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