Investing in Kosovo
16Transport and distribution

Kosovo is a connecting bridge between the countries of South Eastern Europe. Through its unique geographical position and its liberal trade regime, it offers instant access to the interesting and growing market in the Balkans and Central Europe, compromising 100 million potential customers.

Kosovo’s capital Prishtina is within one hour’s distance of driving to any neighbouring country (Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia), thereby providing a connection for all countries in the region.


Road network: The road network consisting of 630 km of main roads has been rebuilt to a high extent during the past years, but plenty of completely new roads have also been built. With the ongoing construction of the highway that will connect Kosovo with Albania on one side and with Serbia on the other, Kosovo is becoming an important gateway in the corridor that will connect the Adriatic Sea with Western Europe. Albanian Government‘s has lately decided to accept the Kosovo Government‘s request to take over the port of Shengjin and place it under its administration on the basis of a concessionary contract. As a direct access to the Albanian see, the Port of Shengjin is accpected to have a major impact on the economic development of the country.

Railway: The railway network in Kosovo has a combined length of 330 km. It covers the entire territory, connecting both the south with north and east with west. On the south side as well as the north side the railway line provides access to the international railway network. The ongoing rehabilitation and modernisation of Kosovo railways is providing a solid base to satisfy the growing demand on logistical services.

Air communication: Besides the road and railway network, Kosovo has a modern international airport. With over one million passengers per year, Prishtina International Airport is ranked under the most frequented airports of the region, serving several international airway lines and offering flights to the most important European centres.

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