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cost of industrial property

Industrial property in Kosovo can be acquired for business purposes in two different ways. Foreign companies can freely buy land and buildings through the ongoing privatisation procedures. For information on current privatization opportunities contact the Kosovo Privatisation Agency. Investors can also freely get a lease hold for land from the responsible municipality for the term of 10 years with an extension oppor tunity to 99 years (see http://www.komunat-ks.net for details on 30 municipalities across Kosovo).

Industrial Parks
he industrial park initiative was launched by the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a concrete measure to boost business in Kosovo.

It has been identified that business growth is hindered by a lack of good quality and reliable amenities. The concept of the industrial park is relatively simple, its aim being to provide high quality facilities and infrastructure at a competitive market price, from which businesses can operate effectively and efficiently.

In addition to providing a solid base from which to operate, additional effects such as business clustering may also take place thus facilitating exchange of business knowledge and know-how transfer, and developing synergies to further accelerate business development and growth. There are currently two industrial parks under development, one in Mitrovica and a second in Drenas/Gllogovc.

The “Drenas Industrial Park” covers an area of 24 hectares, in which 72 local and foreign enterprises will be placed. Three sizes of plots are available, 1,000m², 3,000m² and 6,000m².

The Mitrovica Industrial Park covers an area of 3.5 hectares and offers 22 parcels.

Both industrial parks have very good infrastructure connections. Drenas Industrial Park lies on the highway connection between Prishtina and Peja, near Prishtina International Airport. Businesses that will be located in this industrial park will therefore have a unique possibility to serve the local market from a very central position. In addition, due to the proximity of regional roads, any neighbouring country is accessible within one hour.

Details concerning industrial parks are provided by the SME-Agency, which is part of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kosovo.

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