Investing in Kosovo

In previous years, Kosovo has made remarkable progress in establishing the foundations of a modern market-led economy. The real economic growth in 2008 is estimated by the IMF to be over 5.4 percent, thereby outperforming the 3.9 percent growth of the previous year. The really good news is that the main engine behind this growth is the SME sector, which is gradually becoming the backbone of the Kosovar economy. The macroeconomic stability is maintained continuously with an average inflation rate of 2.5 percent and a continued increase in exports.

The inflow of FDI is also rising. Estimations indicate that in 2008 alone some 357,4 million Euro were invested in Kosovo. Among foreign investors operating profitably in Kosovo are Raiffeisen, Uniqa, Vienna Insurance Group, Xella, BNP Paribas, Telekom Slovenia, Holcim, Nova Ljubljanska Banka, Strabag, Kelag, etc.

Great investment opportunities will also be available in the years to come. The Government of Kosovo is planning to proceed with the project for the construction of the new power plant „Kosova e re“, an investment amounting to 2.5 billion Euro. In addition, the privatisation process will continue, offering great opportunities in the sectors of agriculture, tourism, energy, mining, and metal processing. Kosovo is planning to invest 1.3 billion Euro for the construction of new highways to Albania, Serbia, and Macedonia, and has announced the privatisation of the mobile telephone network operator Vala.

With the independence declaration of Kosovo and the subsequent international recognition, the last obstacle for economic development and thus the continuous inflow of foreign investments has been removed. Now, in Kosovo, it is all about economy. And we are ready to tackle all challenges Kosovo is facing in this area.

The Investment Promotion Agency of Kosovo, including its office in Vienna, is increasing its promotional activities and investment facilitation processes and will be at your service. Welcome to the New Kosovo.