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21 new SOEs privatized in Kosovo, bringing € 24,5 million

PRISHTINA, 09 SEPTEMBER 2003 – On September 3, Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) has publicly opened the bids for privatization of another 21 Socially Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Kosovo.

The companies were included in the second privatization round in Kosovo. The bid for the company "Plastika" in Prishtina is considered to be the highest one, bringing a total of € 2.875.000 in the KTA account.

Generic pharmaceutical producer "Farmakos" in Prizren was restructured into three different companies before the privatization. The privatization of all three parts of "Farmakos" brought € 3.9 million.

Brick producing factory "Silcapor" in Kacanik was sold for € 2.824.153, while the wood combine in Peja was sold for € 2.555.000.

A total of 9 bids were competing for the "Rugova" hotel in Peja, while the winning bid was the one coded "p71" offering € 2.210.000. Fish farm and motel "Trofta" in Istog was sold for € 2.012.002 and the winning bid for the shopping mall "Lux" in Mitrovica was the one coded "148", bringing a total of € 2.025.000.

The privatization of the company "Kosovaplast" brought € 1.555.555 in the KTA account, brick factory "19 Qershori" in Besiana (Podujeva) brought € 805.000, company "Mladost" in Gjilan was sold for € 733.750, hotel "Adriatik" in Mitrovica for € 464.800 and the gravel and concrete producer "ENG Beton" in Gjilan for € 425.235.

IMB Flour Mill in Skenderaj is bought for € 406.000, IBM bread factory in the Mitrovica region for € 405.416, "Trepca Confection" in Mitrovica for € 355.000 and "Kosovo Construction Concrete Plant", also in Mitrovica, for € 332.335.

For the tobacco/cigarettes producer "IDGJ Tobacco" in Gjilan and for "Progresi Printing" in Mitrovica, KTA has received only two bids for each. According to KTA operational policies, for a successful privatization of a company KTA must receive at least three bids. Therefore, the decision whether to sell the companies to current bidders or to repeat the tenders remains to be decided in the next KTA meeting.

There were a total of 180 bids for the privatization of 21 SOEs in the second privatization round in Kosovo. The privatization of these companies brought a total of € 24.500.000 in the KTA account.


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