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Kosovo: Conference on European integration

Prishtinë, 27 June 2007 - The Institute for Development and Research of Policies in Kosovo (KIPRED) has promoted a brochure about Regional cooperation for development and European integration in a conference organized in Prishtina.

Various experts from Kosovo and the region said regional integration should be followed by European integration.

Wolfgang Koeth from the Liaison Office of the European Commission in Kosovo believes the lack of the final status resolution for Kosovo is concerning. A final status resolution would enable agreements related to European integration. “Kosovo’s clear status would enable stabilization and association agreements with the EU and integration into Europe,” stated Koeth.

Jelica Minic from the European Movement in Serbia is convinced that everyone should cooperate since the future lies in European integration. “We share many problems, including that of energy and unemployment. All of us have a European future,” stated Minic.

“Regional cooperation influences several other issues as well. It pushes forward the improvement of political relations and good neighboring relations with other countries of the region, it is an important instrument for promoting economic development through the creation of greater markets in the region, and it promotes foreign investments and many other aspects,” stated Gazmend Qorraj, Coordinator of the Stability Pact for Kosovo.



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