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Priebe: Kosovo has made significant progress

Prishtinë, Mar 31, 2006 – European Commission Director for Western Balkans Reinhard Priebe said on Wednesday in Pristina that there is a great progress if compared with the four past years, and that the PISG, got more powers and raised their capacities and now are doing more works than the international administration.

Priebe made these comments during a press conference after the 9th meeting of the Stabilization-Association Process Tracking Mechanism.

He said that Wednesday’s meeting was not a meeting of great political decisions, but a meeting where concrete tasks are given. “I am very happy to see that the Government is highly aware of what it should do towards the European perspective, and what are the standards required for status to be settled.”

He said that significant progress has been marked, but according to him, all the requirements cannot be met within a year, but in a long term. “We saw in the new Governmental Cabinet a clear commitment and there is a policy focused on economy and its strategy, which is a very important issue,” Priebe said, and added that there is no particular strategy for integration of Kosovo into EU, "because it is the same for the entire region and that is European perspective."

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