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Kosovo: Mobtel disconnection continues

Prishtinë, Jan 16, 2006 - While some local and international authorities speak about the accidental link between the Mobtel disconnections and the political affair against Karic in Belgrade, some officials from Kosovo Government state the opposite – media in Kosovo report.

The Mobtel affair, manifested in an initiative for abrogating its license in Serbia, has created a sufficient basis for the international administration in Kosovo to finally halt the illegal operation of this operator.

On the other hand, SRSG Jessen-Petersen did not indicate there is a linkage between Mobtel disconnection and the Karic affair “I do not have anything to add. This is now a Kosovar responsibility; the competencies in this field have been transferred to locals. They are acting on legal basis, and I can not expect anyone has a problem with institutions addressing illegality”, stated SRSG.

The Minister for Returns, Slavisa Petkovic, holds a different opinion. Few days in the BK TV (television owned by Karic brothers) of Belgrade he stated “the Government of Serbia has initiated the disconnection of Mobtel in Kosovo and the removal of its antennas. UNMIK has requested this and local authorities are implementing his request”, said Minister Petkovic.

PM Bajram Kosumi fully supports the TRA initiative. “Action should be taken against many other operators, not just Mobtel”, stated he.

Meanwhile, another illegal operator, Mobline Telekomunikacije Srbije (MTS), reffered to as “the harshest illegal operator” has installed antennas in Prishtina and other municipalities.

Serbian Media published the news last week that “Telekom Srbija” intends to distribute 5000 free of charge scratch cards to Kosovo Serbs. “What are scratch cards worth without frequency”, says Berisha convinced that all antennas would be removed.

As for interference of the network from operators of neighboring countries TRA considers that UNMIK will act on this.



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