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Kosovo: 8th meeting of Stabilization Association Tracking Mechanism held

Prishtinë, Dec 17, 2005 – Kosovar media informed that the European Commission (EC) will add €25 million to the CARDS program in support to energy, institution building, and census, EC officials said yesterday at the 8th meeting of the Stabilization Association Tracking Mechanism in Prishtina.

The EU representatives said that although a progress has been made, Kosovo institutions are still far from the European institutions in terms of establishing favorable economic development conditions and attraction of foreign investments.

Therese Sobieski from the European Commission said: “It is important to be focused on recommendations and face the challenges. We asked from the Government to have a joint agenda: Standards for Kosovo and Standards for Europe.”

According to Sobieski, Pristina should not wait for the final status to be solved in order to address many issues, such as functional institutions, rule of law, security and minority issues.

UNMIK Pillar IV Chief Joachim Ruecker qualified this meeting as successful. TV21 quotes Ruecker as saying that following the status talks commencement, the local authorities should be more dedicated to implementing the Standards.

PDSRSG Larry Rossin said that even after the status is solved the people of Kosovo should ask for good governance, stability, security and a perspective for their children. Rossin encouraged the Kosovo institutions to be committed to implementing the Standards, for a better life for the Kosovo citizens.

On the other hand, governmental officials said that after the definition of status, the government would continue implementing the Standards. “Even after the status definition we will continue with new standards for integration in the EU, “said Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Adem Salihaj.

The European Commission will also help establishing two new ministries in Kosovo.

The STM is a regular of the EC, UNMIK and of local institutions.



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