The English version of ECIKS website will be ONLINE by the end of June 2003. In the meantime you can read more about ECIKS below on this page or go to Albanian version of the website.

ABOUT Economic Initiative for Kosova

Economic Initiative for Kosova (ECIKS) is a non-profitable organization created in April 2003 by Kosovar and Austrian senior students of economy and multimedia in the universities of Vienna, Austria.

The main goal of ECIKS is to support the economic development in Kosova by:

  • Stimulating and assisting foreign investments in Kosovo

  • Encouraging, supporting and assisting Kosovar companies to better understand regional and European integrations as well as find their place in those integrations

  • Stimulating and assisting the export of Kosovar products and providing an “information service” in the field of exports

  • Providing analysis and information on the latest  developments in the field of economy, particularly in the Kosovar economy

  • Assisting Kosovar companies and businesses in importing from the European Union

  • Assisting Kosovar companies in business planning and project development

  • Supporting Kosovar educational institutions

ECIKS will cooperate with all organizations in Kosovo and abroad that have similar goals. However, the young team of ECIKS believes there is plenty of space for new ways and methods in supporting the development of economy in Kosovo.

A pro-active approach, such as taking the initiative in contacting and providing case-to-case information to potential investors, analyzing and disseminating general information on business opportunities in Kosovo, actively linking Kosovar producers with potential partners abroad, assisting Kosovar importers, etc. represent some of the main goals ECIKS aims to achieve in the future.

ECIKS has already created a database of Kosovar companies and potential investors, and is now in the process of developing it. The website at is another central point of information. English version of the website will be available by the end of June 2003. Web-based information, analysis, brochures and special online solutions enabling the easy establishment of contacts between Kosovar entrepreneurs and foreign companies or potential investors are also included.


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