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03 December 2014

Kosovo complains over Macedonia’s subvention of cheep flight tickets to EU

Prishtina/Skopje-Shkup – Kosovan government says Macedonia is breaching competitiveness civilian air transport rules by subvention of airliners which results with cheep flight tickets for passengers.

The government said it has filed a complaint to the European Commission over the issue.

But Macedonian government said today there is nothing wrong with its subside policies to foreign aviation companies.

Transport and Infrastructure Ministry said in a statement that the procedure to subsidize plane companies to introduce flights to Macedonian airports ‘ is in line with European laws.’

“The Transportation and Infrastructure Ministry sent a note to the Kosovo Ministry of Infrastructure all the way back in 2012, in which we explained the international legal norms and the basis on which our project to support air transportation companies is based. Our note makes it clear that no European legal norms were violated in this project,” the ministry said in a statement.

Macedonia gives financial aid to companies that decide to start flights to Macedonian airports, most notably the recently renovated Alexander the Great Airport in the capital Skopje, which has seen a great increase in traffic, breaking the million passengers a year barrier in 2014 for the first time.

The Ministry said that all financial aid is given in accordance with guidelines for regional airports and that it will continue to implement the project, and increase the number of direct flights that connect Macedonia to European destinations, and lower the prices for passengers.


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